Speed on Website Optimization

Speed equals Time

Speed is another important element in web optimization. Speed here means the amount of time spent for your web pages to download its content. Previously, I discussed with you some important tips on how to optimize your web pages for web crawlers and to add up I’ll be talking about speed on web optimization.

It has been proven that an increase in page load will annoy your visitors and probably decrease traffic and ad revenues to your website. Visitors mostly spend less than 30 seconds before they decide to stay or leave a particular site. Most likely if it will take them another few seconds for the page to fully download, visitors will proceed to a next possible site in the SERP or Search Engines Result Page.

Be sure that your web pages are loading quickly into your user’s computer screen despite their internet connections. Here are ways on how to speed up your web pages.

  • Keep your scripts simple. Avoid unnecessary use of scripting languages and flash. Incorporation of such makes it harder for web crawlers to crawl your site.
  • Avoid adding irrelevant web graphics on your web pages. Make an impressive expression to your visitors through your content not with the use of unimportant graphics or fancy animations.
  • If an image must be added to convey an important idea or point, consider the image size and file type to use.

Thus, with more demanding audience and harder competition, speed optimization must be highly considered. To know more tips on website optimization, grab Andy Kings’ book entitled Website Optimization.


Hiring Virtual Assistants Cut Costs

Currently, the whole world is experiencing a global financial crisis. Everyday, the number of people being discharged from work grows and companies look for better alternatives just to cut off costs. Mostly, one of the highest percentage of these costs goes to wages, benefits and taxes for employees. In response to the crisis, companies nowadays consider hiring virtual assistants instead of having in-house employees since employment process takes higher cost and longer time.

Virtual assistants are well-trained professionals in their fields. Virtual assistants duties include, (but of course not limited) to the following: Administrative Office Support & Management, Project work: article writing, blog posting, editing, Business Operations Support and Start-up Assistance, Lifestyle Management Solutions/Consulting, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

These tasks being outsourced are tasks that take time and sometimes people in charge are incompetent and lack basic knowledge about the task. With a virtual assistant around, you can free yourself from burden and focus more on designing strategic plans that will drive more revenues to your company.

Some of the issues being raised by companies in hiring virtual assistants are the security at risk, costs and assurance that their virtual assistants are really working on the tasks. Outsourcing companies such as Virtual Assistant Inc. always prioritize their clients’ benefit and satisfaction more than anything else. Thus, they design a reliable and secure procedure on how clients can deliver and receive documents and information. Monitoring systems are being installed to assure clients that their assigned virtual assistants are doing their jobs. Like others, Virtual Assistant Inc. provides the same efficient output before time lines in lesser costs. For as low as $6 – $20 dollars per hour, Virtual Assistant Inc. can provide you with a highly trained VA to do your tasks for you.

Looking for ways to cut costs, hire a virtual assistant! Start your search with Virtual Assistant Inc., your dedicated online assistance provider.

Adding Mobile Site to Google

With the rapid changes in technology, we can access different websites using our mobile phones. According to the recent study of Nielsen Online in United Kingdom, the number of people going online using their mobile phones has gone up to 25% 2008 compared to 3% increase in PC internet use.

In the long run Mobile SEO will be significant, where the evolution of mobile internet is heavily used and mobile searches will be monetized.

Currently, Google added sites to their mobile indexes database every time they crawl the web. Google provides guides for webmasters on how to develop a website that will deliver content in mobile phones. Furthermore, these guidelines will help Google find, index and rank your website. Below is a brief overview of the guidelines.

Have your mark ups validated and evaluate the DOCTYPE of the markup language that has been used. In the http type header, indicate the proper internet media type and the character encoding that has been used in the document.

When everything seems to be perfectly evaluated and if you are sure enough that Google can crawl your site have it submitted to Google’s mobile index using the Google Webmasters Tools and your done.

Weighing the Benefits: India and Philippines on Outsourcing

Which country is better? India or the Philippines? Companies find it hard to weigh the advantages of these two countries with regard to outsourcing. Grab a weighing scale and let’s judge who weighs better than the other.

Outsourcing in India

With the influence of British culture, India’s education system focuses more on science and mathematics which gives them an edge in Information Technology (considered the backbone of outsourcing operations). Moreover, with India’s edge in IT, US companies consider them as their first choice in software outsourcing.

Another advantage that keeps India on the top of the list is its reliable bandwidth systems and its continuous development in their high speed communication technologies.

Though they can’t speak with the proper American accent, India is more proficient in their written skills using English language.

Outsourcing in Philippines

One of the many reasons why the Philippines has been one of the top outsourcing destinations is its undeniable proficiency in English language with a literacy rate of 94%. English serves as the second language to Filipinos and emphasizing the necessity of learning the language is shown during early years of education. Furthermore, its strong affinity with the western culture makes them effective communicators using English as a medium.

Philippines provides businesses with higher cost savings. Wages are typically lesser than US rates.

In addition to that, Philippines is well-renowned for its high quality of customer service. Although in some cases other outsourcing countries provide a lesser cost in other services, companies or businesses likely settles with Philippines high quality works.

Businesses and companies internationally acknowledge the strength of Philippine’s outsourcing industry. Recently, Virtual Assistant Inc, a US based outsourcing company that specializes in website development and maintenance, accounting services and SEO, opened its own delivery center in the Philippines.

Good Web Design Principles

Web designing is somewhat complicated since it involves different areas of expertise and skills as well as basic principles. In creating a website, there are more things to be considered to make it usable and pleasing. Examples of things to be considered are the purpose of the website, target audience, Images required, text content, functionalities needed and search engine optimization.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important features in creating a good web design.

Simple web design. Simplicity means we need to focus on the goals and purpose of the site, direct users to things that they look for, avoid unimportant things on the screen, the lesser the unimportant stuffs the higher the percentage that users notice the important ones. Being simple means to take into consideration the things needed to be achieved by using mediums that are really necessary.

Fewer columns. Recently, two column layout is widely used and three column layout is considered maximum. In using fewer columns, there will be distinct communication of the information we want to deliver.

Have a distinguishable top section. In designing website, the main branding and navigation must be clear, bold and obvious. Top section of your page or the header is well differentiated among the rest of the content.

Simple navigation. Navigation needs to be clearly identifiable, and should be easy to interpret, target and select. Clarify navigation through positioning, color, tone and shape, making navigation items large and bold and using clear text to show its purpose.

Use strong colors. Strong colors are bright colors that complement your over all web page design. Use these colors to divide your page into clear sections and to highlight important elements.