Good Web Design Principles

Web designing is somewhat complicated since it involves different areas of expertise and skills as well as basic principles. In creating a website, there are more things to be considered to make it usable and pleasing. Examples of things to be considered are the purpose of the website, target audience, Images required, text content, functionalities needed and search engine optimization.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important features in creating a good web design.

Simple web design. Simplicity means we need to focus on the goals and purpose of the site, direct users to things that they look for, avoid unimportant things on the screen, the lesser the unimportant stuffs the higher the percentage that users notice the important ones. Being simple means to take into consideration the things needed to be achieved by using mediums that are really necessary.

Fewer columns. Recently, two column layout is widely used and three column layout is considered maximum. In using fewer columns, there will be distinct communication of the information we want to deliver.

Have a distinguishable top section. In designing website, the main branding and navigation must be clear, bold and obvious. Top section of your page or the header is well differentiated among the rest of the content.

Simple navigation. Navigation needs to be clearly identifiable, and should be easy to interpret, target and select. Clarify navigation through positioning, color, tone and shape, making navigation items large and bold and using clear text to show its purpose.

Use strong colors. Strong colors are bright colors that complement your over all web page design. Use these colors to divide your page into clear sections and to highlight important elements.


4 Responses

  1. Great points in this article.

    I struggled with the two vs. the three column layout and have decided to go with the three column layout. I’ll be launching my redesign in January with a three column layout. I’m aiming to make the middle column the central area of focus.

    Taking your points into consideration, I’m curious as to what you think of my redesign:

    Refined Designer website design

  2. Hi cindy, Thank you so much for taking time in reading my articles.. since three column layout is mostly used to maximize the space, and as what i can see with your new design i can say that you able to use the layout magnificently by having the proper amount of space between them… One thing to consider is your footer, it doesnt blend well with the background or may i suggest to complement it with the background color or you may have it extended on both sides just like the top navigation… whichever you wanted but aside from it… its wonderful! Thanks once again!

  3. Thanks th3ray, I appreciate your response 🙂

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