Hiring Virtual Assistants Cut Costs

Currently, the whole world is experiencing a global financial crisis. Everyday, the number of people being discharged from work grows and companies look for better alternatives just to cut off costs. Mostly, one of the highest percentage of these costs goes to wages, benefits and taxes for employees. In response to the crisis, companies nowadays consider hiring virtual assistants instead of having in-house employees since employment process takes higher cost and longer time.

Virtual assistants are well-trained professionals in their fields. Virtual assistants duties include, (but of course not limited) to the following: Administrative Office Support & Management, Project work: article writing, blog posting, editing, Business Operations Support and Start-up Assistance, Lifestyle Management Solutions/Consulting, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

These tasks being outsourced are tasks that take time and sometimes people in charge are incompetent and lack basic knowledge about the task. With a virtual assistant around, you can free yourself from burden and focus more on designing strategic plans that will drive more revenues to your company.

Some of the issues being raised by companies in hiring virtual assistants are the security at risk, costs and assurance that their virtual assistants are really working on the tasks. Outsourcing companies such as Virtual Assistant Inc. always prioritize their clients’ benefit and satisfaction more than anything else. Thus, they design a reliable and secure procedure on how clients can deliver and receive documents and information. Monitoring systems are being installed to assure clients that their assigned virtual assistants are doing their jobs. Like others, Virtual Assistant Inc. provides the same efficient output before time lines in lesser costs. For as low as $6 – $20 dollars per hour, Virtual Assistant Inc. can provide you with a highly trained VA to do your tasks for you.

Looking for ways to cut costs, hire a virtual assistant! Start your search with Virtual Assistant Inc., your dedicated online assistance provider.


3 Responses

  1. Great article. Virtual Assisting is well on the rise at this time, it needed a bit of a boost. At this time, with the state the economy is in, as you stated in this article, there is a large cost savings for businesses to consider using this option. I have met many professional virtual assistants who are great candidates and can provide much needed services for businesses without all the extra costs. It also opens up a larger pool of qualified applicants that the hiring company could not consider if they were only seeking local candidates. Thank you.

  2. Hi toni. Yes, indeed I know few clients before that fished incompetent VAs locally and internationally and it caused them additional burden. I suggest that these hiring clients and companies must take proper precautions and prepare tough screenings/tests in looking for their perfect VAs. Thanks for dropping by and more power.

  3. Another great article – thank you

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