Twitter Virtual Assistant Code of Ethics: Must etiquettes to transpire career success

“Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.”
~ Bertrand Russell

Business companies or institutions have certain rules and standards that are strictly set and followed to guide and regulate the different aspects and undertakings of the business. All companies observe code of ethics which is purposely established to direct the people in the business to perform their respective tasks productively with professionalism and sense of responsibility. The same set of ethical standards is followed by virtual assistance companies. Majority of virtual assistants have their own set of rules to carry out a flourishing career in the field. Accomplished twitter virtual assistants (twitter VA) tend to share their secret in attaining a career growth in virtual assistance to individuals who want to follow their lead in the career field. Indicated below is a list of principles that the latter follow to maintain a healthy relationship with the client, customers, fellow virtual assistants, etc., while gaining financially in this trade.

Principle #1 – Recognize Boundaries

A virtual assistant is assumed to have multiple skills in various tasks but it does not indicate that they are capable of doing almost everything. They, too, have their limitations. A twitter virtual assistant must be true enough to him or herself and only should obtain assignments that are just within his or her capacity. Clients are only basing their judgments on what the twitter VA have presented on the actualization of their skills. Twitter VA must state a matter-or-fact to their clients about what projects or tasks they are able to perform.

Principle #2 – Secure Confidentiality

For a successful relationship with the client, a twitter virtual assistant must win the client’s trust. Working with the client entails sharing of private information that involves the core of the business which is considered confidential. In every job, trainings are offered that includes business strategies. These techniques are usually the trend in doing the transactions behind the client’s business accomplishments. The gathered data can provide an idea for the twitter VA to either compete in line with the client’s business or to steal the major contacts of the client.

Principle #3 – Quality Service

An excellent performance from a twitter virtual assistant will definitely satisfy any client. Tasks that are well-executed are reciprocated by additional assignments from the client. This tendency creates a good impression on how efficient a twitter VA is. This positive image is both beneficial for the client and twitter VA partnership. The achievement attained can boost the business’ financial status. This circumstance will encourage more clients to employ a virtual assistant that is able to supply an outstanding support.

Principle #4 – Professionalism

In business, professionalism is highly valued. A twitter virtual assistant must act as “professional” in any manner to appear dignified and trustworthy. This favorable notion builds trust that can lead to future business dealings with a potential client. Professionalism affects transactions in any means. The attitude of a professional twitter VA shows maturity in all aspects and manifests on how the virtual assistant deals with the difficulties that is associated with the job. A client prefers to have business with a professional virtual assistant to join him with his undertakings.

Principle #5 – Career Advancement

The competition gets tough as many individuals are now into virtual assistance. Of course, clients will choose the best from all the candidates. To snag the designation of twitter virtual assistant, one must have an edge from the rest who offer the same service. Trainings can enhance the skills of an already competent twitter VA. Certifications out from these trainings can be of great help and also add desirable background that most clients require for a twitter VA. Enrolling or learning the subject increases marketability while broadening the knowledge of a twitter VA.

Mentioned above are twitter VA codes of ethics or core values that apply to all twitter virtual assistants. Associations, companies, and small-scale businesses have their respective code of ethics that were set to regulate for their workers’ efficiency. They serve as guidelines directing twitter VA to perform their roles very well to make their selves favorable to clients. Clients are the source of earnings and they are the main focus to sustain the business. Aside from that, these rules are set to obtain effective customer service and for building good impressions that would level up the twitter VA’s image. Following all these is SUCCESS.


Facebook marketing Virtual Assistant Roles: Doing work with sense of responsibility

“Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation, every possession, a duty.” ~ John D. Rockefeller

Every person has the right to have a decent and satisfying job. For a Facebook marketing virtual assistant, a virtual assistant specializing in Facebook marketing, it is an opportunity to have a kind of profession that goes along with his or her passion and which he or she can enjoy and achieve fulfillment. Of course, virtual assistance, as a profession and a privilege for many, has its corresponding responsibility as well. The most basic role of a Facebook marketing VA (FMVA) is to render professional and optimum service to achieve maximum client satisfaction. FMVA’s may offer their support that result to a hidden tie of obligation to fulfill the task.

The capacity of Facebook VA is not restricted to a specific designation only. They have the ability to perform a wide range of tasks that is appropriate for the clients’ business. A multi-skilled Facebook VA is a great advantage for a client. On the other hand, this creates confusion to others who does not have an apparent idea about the functions of a virtual assistant. In a business set up, the primary roles of a Facebook marketing virtual assistant are indicated as follows:

Supervise costumers or contacts
Most clients of a Facebook marketing virtual assistant are businessmen who might own a company or managers that were authorized to spearhead the business. It is anticipated that they also have their own clients or customers to serve. With this, a competent Facebook marketing VA is needed to handle their client’s customers. A Facebook marketing VA is responsible in supervising all the customers that his client have and contact them for information or updates regarding with the business.

The virtual assistant serves as a mediator between the client and his client’s customers. He initiates communication to the customers and report everything to the client and vice versa. The FMVA answers phone inquiries coming from the contacts or drops a line to them for any business transactions with the consent of the client. The virtual assistant also acts as a communicator to tighten the bond for a lasting partnership of the customer to the client and the customer to the virtual assistant as well.

Manage daily schedule or client’s calendar
Virtual assistance originated from secretarial service which was eventually enhanced and later labeled as virtual assistant. The duty of a secretary is still associated with virtual assistants. Managing the daily activities of the client is still part of the Facebook marketing virtual assistant’s routine. The client expects a virtual assistant to organize his daily schedule of appointments, meetings and business transactions. The Facebook marketing VA has also the authority to screen customers who would like to have a business or to make an appointment with his client.

Another thing which the FMVA is also in-charged with is setting up the time schedules of interviews for applicants that his client may hire for a possible business expansion. Moreover, the client, who is a businessman, is expected to travel from time to time for personal or business transactions and the VA needs to arrange that for him. The latter has to remind the schedule of the flight and process everything for a serene and successful trip whether it is purposely for personal or business engagement of the client.

Create documentations and reports
The regular task of a Faceboook marketing virtual assistant is to write reports and proposals. Knowledge in word processing is highly required. Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Access and Word are the most widely used. A client obliges a daily report to check the daily work flow of his business. Furthermore, a client may request the virtual assistant to do online research that involves documentation. Majority of the clients are internet marketers and are promoting their products online but usually are managed by a virtual assistant.

The client’s online business has means of generating income through pay-per-click systems administered by Google Adwords. The website needs to have as many viewers to gain traffic or popularity. To generate traffic, a website needs to have a good content. This content can be written by a well-versed virtual assistant. This is another skill that a virtual assistant is required to posses aside from performing clerical task. In most times, the client asks the virtual assistant to prepare business proposals or job advertisements and post it on product promotion sites across the net.

Mentioned above are just a few of the basic virtual assistant roles that all clients require them to be responsible with.
Facebook marketing virtual assistants have numerous skills and their tasks greatly depend on their background knowledge, versatility and professionalism. The above mentioned functions of a virtual assistant are always part of his undertakings having landed on the job that requires almost everything that an employee should have.

Virtual Assistant Certification: A Distinction of Excellence among Others

“We are a society tremendously concerned with prestige and certification. A hall of fame conveys that. It says whatever is inside is superior, it’s better.” ~ Gary Hoppenstand

A degree without certification is unrecognizable. Certification serves as a validation that an individual went through a rigid training for the mastery of skills being learned in an academy or institution. Big corporations scan every candidate who wants to grab the job with certifications related to the position. Since virtual assistance is already considered as a profession, a Facebook virtual assistant certification is an indication of competence in this field.

This brings a virtual assistant into a higher level of recognition compared to others who serve the same service as his. It creates an edge among other virtual assistant with extensive experience. Clients prefer to work with an assistant that has this accreditation. The acknowledgment a virtual assistant possesses with this certification gains the trust of clients that their chosen contractor is competent and equipped with necessary skills the job requires.

A certification for virtual assistants is an additional point to gain potential clients effortlessly. A would-be virtual assistant can take these accreditations that are being offered online. Usually, there are associations formed by facebook VA’s themselves that are already successful in this career. They seek members who are interested to join in. Members will then be trained and will be graded according to their performances and experiences that are evaluated through a point system. Here below are virtual assistant organizations that offer online accreditation for Facebook virtual assistants:

Professional Virtual Assistant (PVA)

PVA utilizes the point system to assess the member’s years of experience and their degree of education. Facebook virtual assistants must reached 300 points to acquire the PVA certification. The 200 points will come from virtual assistant’s education and training. The remaining 100 points are from their experience as a virtual assistant and as an employee of a company they have worked before.

Master Virtual Assistant (MVA)

MVA also uses the point system but the point requirement is greater than that of PVA. A facebook virtual assistant must be able to reach 400 points which will be based from their experience as a virtual assistant and their respective degree of education before they qualify as a Master virtual assistant holder. For a virtual assistant to be a certified MVA, first, they need to pay the required application fee.

International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)

IVAA aims to educate individuals that are into virtual assistance profession and hone their skills to reach their maximum potential as a facebook virtual assistant. They aspire as well to inform the public about the roles and functions of a virtual assistant to give them idea what a virtual assistant is all about. Aside from this, they also administer education, permit networking for members, implement benefits, grant certifications, build member directory and produce Request for Proposal System (RFP).

Certified Virtual Assistant (CVA)

Accreditation for CVA is given exclusively for members only. They provide two exams which are core exams and electives. Core exams are composed of Ethics Check and Digital Literacy. Ethics Check is an exam intended for facebook virtual assistants that evaluate their business ethics. If the virtual assistant is a member of International Virtual Assistants Association or IVAA, the required fee for taking the exam and the certification is lesser.


Virtual assistants who will graduate from them will automatically be eligible for Certified Professional Virtual Assistant (CPVA) and Certified Master Virtual Assistant (CMVA) certifications. Virtual assistants who would like to take the exams conducted by AssistU are required to pay an examination fee.

That is all folks with the associations or entities that offer virtual assistant certificationon the net for the convenience of virtual assistants that would like to gain an additional boost to their career. Certifications coming from the mentioned above will separate an enthusiastic facebook virtual assistant from the rest of virtual assistants around the world. Since virtual assistance is global, you can expect that there would be many competitors. A certification will give a virtual assistant an edge from millions offering the same service.

Virtual Assistant Training Programs: Mastering the Art of the Profession

Without proper training, the skilled link building virtual assistant cannot fully use his full potential. He might have the necessary background and knowledge on a specific field but is not applied properly. There are training programs intended for link building virtual assistants that enhances their abilities and skills in a manner that it can increase the status of their career and can benefit both the client and the link building virtual assistant as well. Trainings can be done via webinar, online or actual classes. To name a few, here is the list of link building virtual assistant training programs:

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Liane Cardes

This is a service organization to which the purpose is to inspire individuals that have an inclination in the virtual assistance profession. The founder of AssistU believes that virtual assistance is highly beneficial to persons who have disabilities but have the talent and skills in various tasks. The training program includes: serving the virtual assistance and administrative profession, the virtual assistants’ clients and the establishments that most of the professionals in the administration tend to work.

This is a web training (webinar) that provides latest software applications in Microsoft Office, Professional development and How-to-Clinics for aspiring virtual assistants. The training focuses on documentations that require the knowledge on Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, Dreamweaver, Adobe Professional and Microsoft FrontPage. Aside from that, they also offer text chat, file transfer, application sharing and voice over IP.

Executive Solutions (ES)
This is a technology-based business that is associated with professionals in a virtual community. They grant business and administrative services that are available online and other means of communication such as phones and fax machines. ES meticulously chooses link building virtual assistants based on high-standard criteria that include the VA’s area of expertise, active participation within the training, reputation and success on the said field as well as the quality of their service.

University of Virtual Assistants
This institution caters for those aspiring for the link building virtual assistant profession with more focus on business and marketing operations. They have this virtual assistant training program (VATP) that tackles about business operation, marketing tactics (such as SEO and link building), client interaction and financial matters. Anyone who aspires to enroll for the training is encouraged to visit their website and talk with their virtual assistant as they are always available and can be accessed easily on the internet.

Virtual Assistant Trainer
The program trains link building virtual assistants to create their brand by building their own website, connecting to their fellow virtual assistants or to anything that is in relation with virtual assistance profession through networking and marketing, business guides and client relationship building. Aside from that, they allow link building virtual assistants to have access on their books and software programs. They discuss lessons on emails which are done weekly in an online classroom.

Virtual Business Training
This link building virtual assistant training program offers group and individual training, advising, and coaching by providing resources and tools for virtual assistants and client relations. The training they provide caters for individuals who would like to know the profession of virtual assistance in today’s advanced technologies. Link building virtual assistants who are able to complete the training without much hassle are being provided by a directory listing and a business trained logo for their website.

Trainings from these respective institutions speak about the demand of virtual assistance profession in today’s world. In fact, they bring about additional recognition that heightens the credentials of an already proficient link building virtual assistant. A training certification serves as a ticket for a high-paying virtual assistant job. Virtual assistant training allows link building virtual assistants to enhance their ability in a more refined manner and for them to be able to handle or manage effectively and productively all the walks of their clients’ business.

Myths about Virtual Assistant: Disclosing the truth from misleading notions about VAs

“What a myth never contains is the critical power to separate its truth from its errors.” ~ Walter Lippman

Virtual assistance is a profession that has evolved and has gone far through the years. With its informal set-up that makes it convenient, numerous professionals are now engaged in this occupation that allows them to have a personal time while at work.

Many people are mislead by unfounded myths about SEO virtual assistant (SEO VA). On some small-scale enterprises that are unfamiliar with the trend, negative notions penetrate their intellect. To disclose the essence behind, let us distinguish the truth from all misconceptions. Here are some myths that many businessmen most likely would believe:

Myth #1 – Freelancing sites are excellent sources of skilled & competent SEO virtual assistant

There is a tremendous number of freelancing sites scattered on the internet offering such services to clients usually by means of bidding. SEO VA who register on these sites create their personal profiles and portfolios that are viewable in public.

In this manner, clients can just browse those resumes and select from them which they think would be good candidates that could meet their needs. On the other hand, the validity of the information that was registered on the profiles of has no guarantee if it is really genuine.

The sites has no control on the data stored by individuals claiming to be as SEO VA. They cannot screen all the members that has logged on to the site. These freelancing websites only act mediator. They also take 10% of every successful transaction.

The possibility of failed transactions is always present if the client chose an unfit assistant to which he believed to be capable basing from his or her resume on the profile shown. Freelancing sites do not evaluate the backgrounds of these people neither they do test their skills and competency to suit the job.

Myth #2 – A high-quality SEO virtual assistant is expensive

An SEO VA who has superior ability is perceived to be costly compared to those who are not equally competent. It is a given impression that good quality is equivalent to higher rates.

Their charge varies from the country they are located. Countries that offers lower prices are Philippines and India. SEO VA’s from these countries are also well-versed with the English language and competent in performing a lot of tasks.

Myth #3 – Communication with offshore SEO virtual assistant is difficult

Your SEO virtual assistant might not be in the same country with his or her client, but with advanced technologies, it is now very easy and uncomplicated to get connected even if you are in the most remote region in the world.

They can have a conversation with his or her client through a video-conference in Skype and in any internet-messaging features, from a distance in real-time. The forms of communications are now cheaper and faster with computers, internet, and mobile phones.

Myth #4 – SEO Virtual assistant only execute simple tasks.

SEO VA’s are capable of performing several tasks and can do multi-tasking. They are accomplishing loads of assignments from various clients.

They have the ability to write articles, newsletters, autoresponders, sales letters, copies, blogs and proofread it themselves while they are also able to perform some graphic designing, etc.

Their capabilities are innumerable. The client can save a lot when hiring an SEO VA, that can already perform a variety of tasks, which are often can only be done by hiring as many employees with respective field of expertise.

Myth #5 – Cultural differences create conflicts

SEO virtual assistant do exist from any parts of the world. They are not hard to manage contrary to this misconception. In fact, they are easy to handle since they are proficient in various tasks assigned to them. They are also skilled like company employees. Culture is not a barrier in the performance of their task. For one English, as the universal language of communication, unites varying cultures.

These misconceptions are fabricated from the mistaken beliefs of individuals who do not have knowledge about SEO VA and their essence in the world of business. That is why for their benefit, these notions are explained further in details to clear those wrong impressions.

These explanations would clear up the mindset of small-business owners who greatly need assistance in managing their business. Resorting to hire an SEO virtual assistant is not hard as it seems but can be a milestone in your business endeavors.

SEO Virtual Assistant Software: Major tools a SEO VA can’t work well without

Professional SEO virtual assistant manage to possess software applications for their business transactions with their clients. This is an essential tool in working successfully with certain tasks the client provides. The technique in achieving the tasks triumphantly is to apply the appropriate tools in performing the role of a virtual assistant. These tools will be elaborated for a grasp on their respective functions and benefits for an outstanding career in the field of virtual work. Here below:

Word Processor
The main duty of a competent virtual assistant is to portray the position of a diligent assistant to the client. Since the communication is only through the means of a computer, it is expected that most of the assignments will be clerical tasks to where typing is a necessity. Word processing is the primary tool that is constantly used in performing general tasks. Out from it, letters, letterhead, memos, legal copies, and reference documents can be well-written on this.

MS Office
This is one great tool for virtual asistants that has multiple functions. Microsoft Office is originally composed of Microsoft (MS) Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint applications. Later on, another applications were introduced – the spell checker, OLE data integration and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. This set of applications is really intended for an office business applications set-up which includes: 1) Microsoft Excel which intended for calculations, data storage and graphics presentations, 2) Microsoft PowerPoint which consists of slides that are ideal for any type of presentations, and 3) Microsoft Access which is intended for database functions.

Google Mail (Gmail)
SEO virtual assistants are expected to work with constant communication with their clients. The means of communication are usually being done through email. Gmail is one of the best email application that are trusted not only by clients but of online businesses as well. Gmail has less spam feature that inhibits spam messages on your email. Aside from it, its search button allows the user to find anything from the internet. The built-in chat permits the user to engage in conversations with his or her contacts and can view all the conversations of the SEO virtual assistant and the client. There is a priority inbox that lets the user separate the important messages from the pile of various emails. Gmail also provides lots of space for emails and secures all of the messages.

Google Docs
SEO virtual assistants use this application that goes along with Gmail. It has word processor that suits well for presentations. Aside from that, it also has spreadsheets and database tools appropriate for a business set-up. This application allows a SEO virtual assistant to edit documents that can also be shared to his or her client.


Skype is an instant messenger (IM) application that has free video-calling and video-conferencing features that allows a SEO virtual assistant and a client to communicate. This feature can be accessed anywhere in the world. It has faster and clearer connection from other modes of communication in the internet.
The above mentioned softwares are commonly used by SEO virtual assistant and other administrative task of a VA in dealing with business transactions and with their clients. These tools are proven to be most efficient in executing the assigned tasks for productive virtual assistants to zoom all the way to client and business success.

Virtual Assistant Services: What a VA can do for you and your business

The need for virtual assistant services is consistently soaring high. In fact, it is the most in demand online outsourcing services patronized globally by big businesses and companies worldwide. Some major reasons why business-owners and tycoons hire virtual assistants because they opt to realize their goals to free up their time, increase their productivity, and reduce the amount of stress in their lives. Even small business- owners need extra help in getting things done, need access to a wide variety of services, and need to work on a budget. In fact, they need someone who can help take care of those things that get neglected or procrastinated, projects that are beyond their capabilities, things that are absorbing their time, and other work-related stuffs that they do not have to be doing themselves.

Heeding these things, virtual assistants become available to help out to the fullest, and whom tasks can be delegated with focus on the truly important, high-leverage activities within the business jurisdiction that need special attention. The end result being is nonetheless a business that moves forward, faster and easier.

Here are some of the very specific ways virtual assistants can do or some of the high-caliber virtual assistant services that can help make your business a good shot out of the open!

  1. A virtual assistant can do clerical support tasks that include: typing or encoding, word processing, data entry, and transcription.

  2. A virtual assistant can do administrative tasks that would include: document preparation including medical and legal documents

  3. A virtual assistant is expected to do tasks that involves creativity such as: writing, editing, proofreading, website content, desktop publishing

  4. A virtual assistant has managerial skills as well that includes management in the following: projects, research, scheduling, planning, and finances

  5. A virtual assistant can handle sales support tasks that would include: customer service, sales, lead generation, marketing, search engine marketing

  6. A virtual assistant is skilled to render personal services including: term papers, resumes, website creation, research

  7. A virtual assistant offers technical services including tasks of: web or graphic designers, programmers, web and search engine optimizers, telephone and chat support

  8. A virtual assistant are knowledgeable in handling business services that include tasks on: accounting, bookkeeping, research, recruiting, human resource

There is actually much more than what a virtual assistant can offer aside from those abovementioned virtual assistant services. A virtual assistant can do anything that does not require your physical presence and you might be surprised by how much a virtual assistant can take care of your business remotely. Indeed, a virtual assistant is what we can call a super employee – capable of performing virtually any task or project you may need help with while generating outputs that are beyond your expectation.