SEO Virtual Assistant Software: Major tools a SEO VA can’t work well without

Professional SEO virtual assistant manage to possess software applications for their business transactions with their clients. This is an essential tool in working successfully with certain tasks the client provides. The technique in achieving the tasks triumphantly is to apply the appropriate tools in performing the role of a virtual assistant. These tools will be elaborated for a grasp on their respective functions and benefits for an outstanding career in the field of virtual work. Here below:

Word Processor
The main duty of a competent virtual assistant is to portray the position of a diligent assistant to the client. Since the communication is only through the means of a computer, it is expected that most of the assignments will be clerical tasks to where typing is a necessity. Word processing is the primary tool that is constantly used in performing general tasks. Out from it, letters, letterhead, memos, legal copies, and reference documents can be well-written on this.

MS Office
This is one great tool for virtual asistants that has multiple functions. Microsoft Office is originally composed of Microsoft (MS) Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint applications. Later on, another applications were introduced – the spell checker, OLE data integration and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. This set of applications is really intended for an office business applications set-up which includes: 1) Microsoft Excel which intended for calculations, data storage and graphics presentations, 2) Microsoft PowerPoint which consists of slides that are ideal for any type of presentations, and 3) Microsoft Access which is intended for database functions.

Google Mail (Gmail)
SEO virtual assistants are expected to work with constant communication with their clients. The means of communication are usually being done through email. Gmail is one of the best email application that are trusted not only by clients but of online businesses as well. Gmail has less spam feature that inhibits spam messages on your email. Aside from it, its search button allows the user to find anything from the internet. The built-in chat permits the user to engage in conversations with his or her contacts and can view all the conversations of the SEO virtual assistant and the client. There is a priority inbox that lets the user separate the important messages from the pile of various emails. Gmail also provides lots of space for emails and secures all of the messages.

Google Docs
SEO virtual assistants use this application that goes along with Gmail. It has word processor that suits well for presentations. Aside from that, it also has spreadsheets and database tools appropriate for a business set-up. This application allows a SEO virtual assistant to edit documents that can also be shared to his or her client.


Skype is an instant messenger (IM) application that has free video-calling and video-conferencing features that allows a SEO virtual assistant and a client to communicate. This feature can be accessed anywhere in the world. It has faster and clearer connection from other modes of communication in the internet.
The above mentioned softwares are commonly used by SEO virtual assistant and other administrative task of a VA in dealing with business transactions and with their clients. These tools are proven to be most efficient in executing the assigned tasks for productive virtual assistants to zoom all the way to client and business success.


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