Myths about Virtual Assistant: Disclosing the truth from misleading notions about VAs

“What a myth never contains is the critical power to separate its truth from its errors.” ~ Walter Lippman

Virtual assistance is a profession that has evolved and has gone far through the years. With its informal set-up that makes it convenient, numerous professionals are now engaged in this occupation that allows them to have a personal time while at work.

Many people are mislead by unfounded myths about SEO virtual assistant (SEO VA). On some small-scale enterprises that are unfamiliar with the trend, negative notions penetrate their intellect. To disclose the essence behind, let us distinguish the truth from all misconceptions. Here are some myths that many businessmen most likely would believe:

Myth #1 – Freelancing sites are excellent sources of skilled & competent SEO virtual assistant

There is a tremendous number of freelancing sites scattered on the internet offering such services to clients usually by means of bidding. SEO VA who register on these sites create their personal profiles and portfolios that are viewable in public.

In this manner, clients can just browse those resumes and select from them which they think would be good candidates that could meet their needs. On the other hand, the validity of the information that was registered on the profiles of has no guarantee if it is really genuine.

The sites has no control on the data stored by individuals claiming to be as SEO VA. They cannot screen all the members that has logged on to the site. These freelancing websites only act mediator. They also take 10% of every successful transaction.

The possibility of failed transactions is always present if the client chose an unfit assistant to which he believed to be capable basing from his or her resume on the profile shown. Freelancing sites do not evaluate the backgrounds of these people neither they do test their skills and competency to suit the job.

Myth #2 – A high-quality SEO virtual assistant is expensive

An SEO VA who has superior ability is perceived to be costly compared to those who are not equally competent. It is a given impression that good quality is equivalent to higher rates.

Their charge varies from the country they are located. Countries that offers lower prices are Philippines and India. SEO VA’s from these countries are also well-versed with the English language and competent in performing a lot of tasks.

Myth #3 – Communication with offshore SEO virtual assistant is difficult

Your SEO virtual assistant might not be in the same country with his or her client, but with advanced technologies, it is now very easy and uncomplicated to get connected even if you are in the most remote region in the world.

They can have a conversation with his or her client through a video-conference in Skype and in any internet-messaging features, from a distance in real-time. The forms of communications are now cheaper and faster with computers, internet, and mobile phones.

Myth #4 – SEO Virtual assistant only execute simple tasks.

SEO VA’s are capable of performing several tasks and can do multi-tasking. They are accomplishing loads of assignments from various clients.

They have the ability to write articles, newsletters, autoresponders, sales letters, copies, blogs and proofread it themselves while they are also able to perform some graphic designing, etc.

Their capabilities are innumerable. The client can save a lot when hiring an SEO VA, that can already perform a variety of tasks, which are often can only be done by hiring as many employees with respective field of expertise.

Myth #5 – Cultural differences create conflicts

SEO virtual assistant do exist from any parts of the world. They are not hard to manage contrary to this misconception. In fact, they are easy to handle since they are proficient in various tasks assigned to them. They are also skilled like company employees. Culture is not a barrier in the performance of their task. For one English, as the universal language of communication, unites varying cultures.

These misconceptions are fabricated from the mistaken beliefs of individuals who do not have knowledge about SEO VA and their essence in the world of business. That is why for their benefit, these notions are explained further in details to clear those wrong impressions.

These explanations would clear up the mindset of small-business owners who greatly need assistance in managing their business. Resorting to hire an SEO virtual assistant is not hard as it seems but can be a milestone in your business endeavors.


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