Virtual Assistant Training Programs: Mastering the Art of the Profession

Without proper training, the skilled link building virtual assistant cannot fully use his full potential. He might have the necessary background and knowledge on a specific field but is not applied properly. There are training programs intended for link building virtual assistants that enhances their abilities and skills in a manner that it can increase the status of their career and can benefit both the client and the link building virtual assistant as well. Trainings can be done via webinar, online or actual classes. To name a few, here is the list of link building virtual assistant training programs:

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Liane Cardes

This is a service organization to which the purpose is to inspire individuals that have an inclination in the virtual assistance profession. The founder of AssistU believes that virtual assistance is highly beneficial to persons who have disabilities but have the talent and skills in various tasks. The training program includes: serving the virtual assistance and administrative profession, the virtual assistants’ clients and the establishments that most of the professionals in the administration tend to work.

This is a web training (webinar) that provides latest software applications in Microsoft Office, Professional development and How-to-Clinics for aspiring virtual assistants. The training focuses on documentations that require the knowledge on Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, Dreamweaver, Adobe Professional and Microsoft FrontPage. Aside from that, they also offer text chat, file transfer, application sharing and voice over IP.

Executive Solutions (ES)
This is a technology-based business that is associated with professionals in a virtual community. They grant business and administrative services that are available online and other means of communication such as phones and fax machines. ES meticulously chooses link building virtual assistants based on high-standard criteria that include the VA’s area of expertise, active participation within the training, reputation and success on the said field as well as the quality of their service.

University of Virtual Assistants
This institution caters for those aspiring for the link building virtual assistant profession with more focus on business and marketing operations. They have this virtual assistant training program (VATP) that tackles about business operation, marketing tactics (such as SEO and link building), client interaction and financial matters. Anyone who aspires to enroll for the training is encouraged to visit their website and talk with their virtual assistant as they are always available and can be accessed easily on the internet.

Virtual Assistant Trainer
The program trains link building virtual assistants to create their brand by building their own website, connecting to their fellow virtual assistants or to anything that is in relation with virtual assistance profession through networking and marketing, business guides and client relationship building. Aside from that, they allow link building virtual assistants to have access on their books and software programs. They discuss lessons on emails which are done weekly in an online classroom.

Virtual Business Training
This link building virtual assistant training program offers group and individual training, advising, and coaching by providing resources and tools for virtual assistants and client relations. The training they provide caters for individuals who would like to know the profession of virtual assistance in today’s advanced technologies. Link building virtual assistants who are able to complete the training without much hassle are being provided by a directory listing and a business trained logo for their website.

Trainings from these respective institutions speak about the demand of virtual assistance profession in today’s world. In fact, they bring about additional recognition that heightens the credentials of an already proficient link building virtual assistant. A training certification serves as a ticket for a high-paying virtual assistant job. Virtual assistant training allows link building virtual assistants to enhance their ability in a more refined manner and for them to be able to handle or manage effectively and productively all the walks of their clients’ business.


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