Virtual Assistant Certification: A Distinction of Excellence among Others

“We are a society tremendously concerned with prestige and certification. A hall of fame conveys that. It says whatever is inside is superior, it’s better.” ~ Gary Hoppenstand

A degree without certification is unrecognizable. Certification serves as a validation that an individual went through a rigid training for the mastery of skills being learned in an academy or institution. Big corporations scan every candidate who wants to grab the job with certifications related to the position. Since virtual assistance is already considered as a profession, a Facebook virtual assistant certification is an indication of competence in this field.

This brings a virtual assistant into a higher level of recognition compared to others who serve the same service as his. It creates an edge among other virtual assistant with extensive experience. Clients prefer to work with an assistant that has this accreditation. The acknowledgment a virtual assistant possesses with this certification gains the trust of clients that their chosen contractor is competent and equipped with necessary skills the job requires.

A certification for virtual assistants is an additional point to gain potential clients effortlessly. A would-be virtual assistant can take these accreditations that are being offered online. Usually, there are associations formed by facebook VA’s themselves that are already successful in this career. They seek members who are interested to join in. Members will then be trained and will be graded according to their performances and experiences that are evaluated through a point system. Here below are virtual assistant organizations that offer online accreditation for Facebook virtual assistants:

Professional Virtual Assistant (PVA)

PVA utilizes the point system to assess the member’s years of experience and their degree of education. Facebook virtual assistants must reached 300 points to acquire the PVA certification. The 200 points will come from virtual assistant’s education and training. The remaining 100 points are from their experience as a virtual assistant and as an employee of a company they have worked before.

Master Virtual Assistant (MVA)

MVA also uses the point system but the point requirement is greater than that of PVA. A facebook virtual assistant must be able to reach 400 points which will be based from their experience as a virtual assistant and their respective degree of education before they qualify as a Master virtual assistant holder. For a virtual assistant to be a certified MVA, first, they need to pay the required application fee.

International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)

IVAA aims to educate individuals that are into virtual assistance profession and hone their skills to reach their maximum potential as a facebook virtual assistant. They aspire as well to inform the public about the roles and functions of a virtual assistant to give them idea what a virtual assistant is all about. Aside from this, they also administer education, permit networking for members, implement benefits, grant certifications, build member directory and produce Request for Proposal System (RFP).

Certified Virtual Assistant (CVA)

Accreditation for CVA is given exclusively for members only. They provide two exams which are core exams and electives. Core exams are composed of Ethics Check and Digital Literacy. Ethics Check is an exam intended for facebook virtual assistants that evaluate their business ethics. If the virtual assistant is a member of International Virtual Assistants Association or IVAA, the required fee for taking the exam and the certification is lesser.


Virtual assistants who will graduate from them will automatically be eligible for Certified Professional Virtual Assistant (CPVA) and Certified Master Virtual Assistant (CMVA) certifications. Virtual assistants who would like to take the exams conducted by AssistU are required to pay an examination fee.

That is all folks with the associations or entities that offer virtual assistant certificationon the net for the convenience of virtual assistants that would like to gain an additional boost to their career. Certifications coming from the mentioned above will separate an enthusiastic facebook virtual assistant from the rest of virtual assistants around the world. Since virtual assistance is global, you can expect that there would be many competitors. A certification will give a virtual assistant an edge from millions offering the same service.

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  1. Starting the 4th week of being a VA & am loving every minute of it.

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