Facebook marketing Virtual Assistant Roles: Doing work with sense of responsibility

“Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation, every possession, a duty.” ~ John D. Rockefeller

Every person has the right to have a decent and satisfying job. For a Facebook marketing virtual assistant, a virtual assistant specializing in Facebook marketing, it is an opportunity to have a kind of profession that goes along with his or her passion and which he or she can enjoy and achieve fulfillment. Of course, virtual assistance, as a profession and a privilege for many, has its corresponding responsibility as well. The most basic role of a Facebook marketing VA (FMVA) is to render professional and optimum service to achieve maximum client satisfaction. FMVA’s may offer their support that result to a hidden tie of obligation to fulfill the task.

The capacity of Facebook VA is not restricted to a specific designation only. They have the ability to perform a wide range of tasks that is appropriate for the clients’ business. A multi-skilled Facebook VA is a great advantage for a client. On the other hand, this creates confusion to others who does not have an apparent idea about the functions of a virtual assistant. In a business set up, the primary roles of a Facebook marketing virtual assistant are indicated as follows:

Supervise costumers or contacts
Most clients of a Facebook marketing virtual assistant are businessmen who might own a company or managers that were authorized to spearhead the business. It is anticipated that they also have their own clients or customers to serve. With this, a competent Facebook marketing VA is needed to handle their client’s customers. A Facebook marketing VA is responsible in supervising all the customers that his client have and contact them for information or updates regarding with the business.

The virtual assistant serves as a mediator between the client and his client’s customers. He initiates communication to the customers and report everything to the client and vice versa. The FMVA answers phone inquiries coming from the contacts or drops a line to them for any business transactions with the consent of the client. The virtual assistant also acts as a communicator to tighten the bond for a lasting partnership of the customer to the client and the customer to the virtual assistant as well.

Manage daily schedule or client’s calendar
Virtual assistance originated from secretarial service which was eventually enhanced and later labeled as virtual assistant. The duty of a secretary is still associated with virtual assistants. Managing the daily activities of the client is still part of the Facebook marketing virtual assistant’s routine. The client expects a virtual assistant to organize his daily schedule of appointments, meetings and business transactions. The Facebook marketing VA has also the authority to screen customers who would like to have a business or to make an appointment with his client.

Another thing which the FMVA is also in-charged with is setting up the time schedules of interviews for applicants that his client may hire for a possible business expansion. Moreover, the client, who is a businessman, is expected to travel from time to time for personal or business transactions and the VA needs to arrange that for him. The latter has to remind the schedule of the flight and process everything for a serene and successful trip whether it is purposely for personal or business engagement of the client.

Create documentations and reports
The regular task of a Faceboook marketing virtual assistant is to write reports and proposals. Knowledge in word processing is highly required. Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Access and Word are the most widely used. A client obliges a daily report to check the daily work flow of his business. Furthermore, a client may request the virtual assistant to do online research that involves documentation. Majority of the clients are internet marketers and are promoting their products online but usually are managed by a virtual assistant.

The client’s online business has means of generating income through pay-per-click systems administered by Google Adwords. The website needs to have as many viewers to gain traffic or popularity. To generate traffic, a website needs to have a good content. This content can be written by a well-versed virtual assistant. This is another skill that a virtual assistant is required to posses aside from performing clerical task. In most times, the client asks the virtual assistant to prepare business proposals or job advertisements and post it on product promotion sites across the net.

Mentioned above are just a few of the basic virtual assistant roles that all clients require them to be responsible with.
Facebook marketing virtual assistants have numerous skills and their tasks greatly depend on their background knowledge, versatility and professionalism. The above mentioned functions of a virtual assistant are always part of his undertakings having landed on the job that requires almost everything that an employee should have.


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