Twitter Virtual Assistant Code of Ethics: Must etiquettes to transpire career success

“Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.”
~ Bertrand Russell

Business companies or institutions have certain rules and standards that are strictly set and followed to guide and regulate the different aspects and undertakings of the business. All companies observe code of ethics which is purposely established to direct the people in the business to perform their respective tasks productively with professionalism and sense of responsibility. The same set of ethical standards is followed by virtual assistance companies. Majority of virtual assistants have their own set of rules to carry out a flourishing career in the field. Accomplished twitter virtual assistants (twitter VA) tend to share their secret in attaining a career growth in virtual assistance to individuals who want to follow their lead in the career field. Indicated below is a list of principles that the latter follow to maintain a healthy relationship with the client, customers, fellow virtual assistants, etc., while gaining financially in this trade.

Principle #1 – Recognize Boundaries

A virtual assistant is assumed to have multiple skills in various tasks but it does not indicate that they are capable of doing almost everything. They, too, have their limitations. A twitter virtual assistant must be true enough to him or herself and only should obtain assignments that are just within his or her capacity. Clients are only basing their judgments on what the twitter VA have presented on the actualization of their skills. Twitter VA must state a matter-or-fact to their clients about what projects or tasks they are able to perform.

Principle #2 – Secure Confidentiality

For a successful relationship with the client, a twitter virtual assistant must win the client’s trust. Working with the client entails sharing of private information that involves the core of the business which is considered confidential. In every job, trainings are offered that includes business strategies. These techniques are usually the trend in doing the transactions behind the client’s business accomplishments. The gathered data can provide an idea for the twitter VA to either compete in line with the client’s business or to steal the major contacts of the client.

Principle #3 – Quality Service

An excellent performance from a twitter virtual assistant will definitely satisfy any client. Tasks that are well-executed are reciprocated by additional assignments from the client. This tendency creates a good impression on how efficient a twitter VA is. This positive image is both beneficial for the client and twitter VA partnership. The achievement attained can boost the business’ financial status. This circumstance will encourage more clients to employ a virtual assistant that is able to supply an outstanding support.

Principle #4 – Professionalism

In business, professionalism is highly valued. A twitter virtual assistant must act as “professional” in any manner to appear dignified and trustworthy. This favorable notion builds trust that can lead to future business dealings with a potential client. Professionalism affects transactions in any means. The attitude of a professional twitter VA shows maturity in all aspects and manifests on how the virtual assistant deals with the difficulties that is associated with the job. A client prefers to have business with a professional virtual assistant to join him with his undertakings.

Principle #5 – Career Advancement

The competition gets tough as many individuals are now into virtual assistance. Of course, clients will choose the best from all the candidates. To snag the designation of twitter virtual assistant, one must have an edge from the rest who offer the same service. Trainings can enhance the skills of an already competent twitter VA. Certifications out from these trainings can be of great help and also add desirable background that most clients require for a twitter VA. Enrolling or learning the subject increases marketability while broadening the knowledge of a twitter VA.

Mentioned above are twitter VA codes of ethics or core values that apply to all twitter virtual assistants. Associations, companies, and small-scale businesses have their respective code of ethics that were set to regulate for their workers’ efficiency. They serve as guidelines directing twitter VA to perform their roles very well to make their selves favorable to clients. Clients are the source of earnings and they are the main focus to sustain the business. Aside from that, these rules are set to obtain effective customer service and for building good impressions that would level up the twitter VA’s image. Following all these is SUCCESS.


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  1. Informative article with so many things to learn,like how good etiquette’s makes changes in your life and also in your career….Yeah its true that good etiquette’s are also considered as a key to success…

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