Virtual Assistance 101: Link Building

What is Link Building?

Link building (LB) is an SEO strategy that aims to improve a site’s search rankings by increasing the number of inbound links to your site. This is done through various methods, some of which are now considered obsolete (will be discussed later).

Before, when search engine algorithms were still very simple, LB concepts were also pretty simple – The more links pointing to your site, the better your search rankings.

But as Google and other search engines keep updating their search algorithms; LB strategies have also evolved throughout the years. This is why link building is dynamic – link builders should continually be updated with the latest trends in the industry to become particularly effective.

What kinds of strategies should link builders use?

There are several LB strategies. So many, in fact, that Google and other search engines have seen a lot of these strategies being abused by link builders everywhere in the Web. This has caused lots of sites who abused these strategies to drop in ranking whenever search engines re-tweak their algorithms.

To answer the question, link builders should always use strategies that are currently effective – according to news, research or experimentation. Several resources, such as SEOmoz, are available in the Internet that could help link builders decide on what strategies are most effective in the present.

Should you as a client do link building for your site’s SEO efforts?

It depends on how much you value this as an SEO strategy. Some people say that this strategy is dead; while others profess that it has produced great results on their SEO strategy.

If you do decide to start optimizing your site, make sure you hire professional who offer link building service to do the job. Don’t try to do the link building yourself, especially if you haven’t had any experience doing it. You might mess up your site’s ranking even more with improper SEO technique.


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