10 Tips in Becoming a Better Virtual Assistant

How do you keep up with the virtual assistance industry? The demand of virtual assistants started out with a humble history. Who would ever think that secretarial services would evolve to a worldwide, diversified virtual profession now called virtual assistance? With the increasing demand and popularity of such profession, gaining a competitive advantage is starting to become a “must” more than a “could.”

To start with, you have to be an experienced virtual assistant yourself of course. Despite the fact that it’s not a regulated profession, anyone can claim to be a virtual assistant. That is why most clients trust more those who can show and prove their experience. From there, your skills are evaluated if you had some experience in different kinds of tasks. Now you have a base of skills and experience, how can you get a boost to your career?

The following are ten tips to get ahead in the virtual assistant industry:

1. Train and utilize training resources.

If you want to improve on your knowledge base and skills on some areas, you can search online for free training resources. Downloadable e-books, audio, and videos are normally available in virtual assistant websites. Training programs are also provided by several organizations like AssistU. Some are free but some are not. Being trained lets you network with other virtual assistants and mentors. These people have the experience to equip you with the necessary skills for your career.

2. Be certified.

Remember that virtual assistance is not a regulated profession, but at least you can get certified. Training programs do offer certificates after you finish them. Tell more to your clients. What you have is an indispensable proof that you are a better virtual assistant especially when you are compared to other virtual assistants. The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) can get you certified.

3. Know the latest

Do you know the latest tools used out there? How about trends on virtual assistance? An example is the fact that Facebook can be used as a “Page” which you can use as a strategy for your client’s Facebook business page. It’s just simply reading the news and keeping yourself updated with the latest trends in your profession.

4. Participate in the Virtual Assistant community

Another way of building networks is participating in the community. In what community should you join? Forums are good channels to build one. Knowing the latest and training with their resources are bonuses. Also, m embers willingly provide support when you need them the most. Attend conferences and events like those listed in IVAA. By the way, contacts can refer you clients too.

5. Do the pledge of ethics

Well, I don’t mean literally putting your right hand over your heart and say “To my clients, I promise…” Virtual assistants are expected to observe ethics. Only trusted VAs out there protect sensitive information about their clients. Always be honest about your credentials with your colleagues. Always do your best.

6. Get recommendations.

Have you ever worked or are you currently working with a client? When you have established a relationship already, it’s alright to ask for recommendations. It’s considered impressive when a client reads your recommendations and learns how you are valued by your former or current clients.

7. Track your work records

Similar with recommendations, only that this is for your resume. Never miss details of tasks you have done, goals you have achieved and skills you have developed. The more accomplishments you’ve had, the better the chance at landing a new client. Just make sure to leave out unnecessary information.

8. Build your online resume

This is especially useful for independent contractors. To further expand your presence other than participating in the community, consider putting up a website dedicated to telling potential clients about what you do and did as a VA. Joining organizations and VA directories makes you more searchable. Make it as a channel to share resources and tips too. If you can’t do that, at least create a blog or join social networks. How about creating a visual resume in a presentation or video format? That way you can share your work records through a much more understandable medium than a paper resume.

9. Are you well-equipped?

If yes is your answer, congratulations! You have the basic tools in providing quality services to your clients. Even though some clients provide software/hardware for you, it’s a plus when you have MS Office, Google apps, call and messenger apps, and several other applications essential for the job at hand.

10. Be the best in what you do

To sum it up, you make your client happier as you keep growing to become a better VA. No matter what perspective you see better; leverage your career by following these tips.

Make yourself competitive. It’s time to step up to the plate and become a top class virtual assistant.


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