The Twitter Marketing Invasion

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging site enabling users to send and read text-based posts composed of up to 140 characters to which are called “tweets” (as defined by Wikipedia). Twitter primarily wants to make communication as easy as ABC. It was used before as a personal messaging service because it’s accessible to consumers. As long as you have an internet connection on your computer or phone, you will have no problem with your twitter marketing.

Twitter can be compared to an alien invasion that has taken over the world within months. Let’s take a little time to know what Twitter is and what twitter marketing can do to your business. Mass media is now struggling over Social Media. Instead of an inanimate object like a television talking to a mass of people, Twitter makes it more personalized by involving real people.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing helps entrepreneurs relay their business to the public through the internet. How? By communicating with the clients and using the featured services of Twitter mainly by Tweeting and Following. By clarifying whom we want to reach out, or targeting a specific group we will know what are the clients’ wants, or needs and what they are looking for – the things that they prefer to do, and the things that they dislike. Twitter Marketing is all about two-way open communication of business owners and clients.

How Can Twitter Marketing help your business?
First: By updating the products and services that you offer.
If you are always updated, the clients will see that your business is “Real” not just spammers. You can prove to them that you are working hard to improve your product and services. They will feel assured that your business is optimally running.
Second: Twitter may be a room for negotiation purposes.
As you build relationships, you gain loyal customers. To take care of them, you may offer private discounts. You can also do sales announcements and special promos. This will allow you to build a loyal community and fanbase in Twitter.
Third: In Twitter, clients can also communicate with each other.
They can recommend what the nice and bad brands are for a specific thing, what’s applicable in this type of promo and what’s not. They can suggest services to each personality that fits in it. Some may have an idea on a specific product but doesn’t know more and wants to go deeper. All of these can be discussed as long as you tweet and follow.
Start Up with your Twitter Marketing:

  1. Sign Up to Twitter: There are many Twitter How To guides in the internet.
  2. Follow Interesting people for your Business.
  3. Connect with your real friends. Invite them to join Twitter and follow you.
  4. Build up your Twitter Profile.
  5. And write your first Business Tweet.
  6. Followed by the second, third, so on and so fourth.

I suggest that you separate your personal Twitter Account from your Business Twitter Account. In that way you wouldn’t be destructed or mislead. These are just simple tips on twitter marketing yet this may bring you and your business to success.


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