How Do You Know Your Virtual Assistant Is Working?

Given the fact that virtual assistants work remotely, how do you make sure your virtual assistant is working? It’s in the sense that one is doing job-purposed tasks during your work hours. Although this is an issue of trust normally occurring on newly-formed and hourly-based relationships, there’s always a gut feel to be assured of your virtual assistant’s reliability.

Of course, you cannot actually have a time to time inspection. Since virtual assistance is conceptualized out of technological availability, the best monitoring methods are through available technologies as well. To get started with removing those doubts of yours, let’s explore these tools:

A. Project Management Software

If you prefer a more analytical approach to your project task system, there are many project management software available (See Project Management Software Comparison). These kinds of software make it easy for you to schedule and track your projects. As seen in the image below, TeamworkPM has several features such as Overview, Tasks, Milestones, Messages, Files, Time, Messages, Resources and several other sub-features with more of its own functions.

Getting things done with your virtual assistant is made easier through these tools. One key feature is scheduling the task with set deadlines. Once completed, you can be notified in various ways you want. Plus, time reporting is logged on how much time is worked on a certain task and in the project all in all so you may check if he/she is being efficient or not. More than that, it’s a central tool for collaboration.

B. Screencast and Screenshot

Screencasting is recording the activities on the computer screen and mouse movements. It also allows playback with live audio. On the other hand, screenshots are captured images taken by the computer to record the visible items displayed.

If you have more time to check out the videos and images of your virtual assistant during work hours, you can enable these two with the use of some software. It is advised to have it intermittently rather than continuously. You may not want to look at all the continuous captures.


Examples of Voice over IP (VoIP) are Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and AOL messenger. Check up on your virtual assistant on task updates and reports through these channels. Some simply requires their virtual assistants to be online on work hours. This is just a supplementary monitoring tool though and the real purpose of this is for communication over the internet which is usually cheaper than regular phone services. It removes the geographical restrictions and accessible as long as you are connected to the internet.

Other than just the technology, here are additional tips to clear your doubts:

  • Take into consideration a virtual assistant’s experience and recommendations from his/her past clients for credibility.
  • A company offering virtual assistant services monitors their own employees saving you trouble of initiating your own monitoring system.
  • Monitoring should be agreed upon by two parties so don’t forget to introduce and mitigate your system to the virtual assistant.

This is not an issue about trust and integrity. It’s for having a backup of tracing back any negative and positive future occurrences. In the present, it’s a quality evaluator, motivator and a control measure just like most companies enforce with their employees.

What other monitoring software do you use?


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