Simple Tips for Writing A Blog

Today 152 million blogs or more are circulating in the Internet as of December 2010 (as tracked by BlogPulse). It contains so many ideas. It may be factual or fictional, funny or sad, interesting or boring and many more.

Actually, people write simply because they want to be heard. It has been the voice of many. In writing a blog, people can express their feelings of happiness, satisfaction, powerlessness, embarrassment and even remorse etc.

Blogs are like bullet-fast manual mails sent to your relatives and friends that are away from you. It’s like updating yourself to them. Blogs today are read more than professional articles because of its casualness and wit.

Blogger is one of the most common blog-publishing service in the internet today, it is easy to use plus it offers unlimited posts. WordPress is also one of those blog hosts but it is a little bit formal compared to Blogger.

Twitter is also considered as a blogging service only that it comes as a microblogging system that allows people to blog whatever they do or think, anytime and anywhere – under 140 characters.

Here are some points to remember in writing a blog:

1. Write what is on your mind. Most of the interesting stories come from a person’s very own mind. Expressing your feelings is like telling the people who you are and what you are. The reality or the truth will always be more interesting than posers and liars.

2. Update Blogs. Like diaries, blogs need to be updated every now and then because writing a blog, is better when it’s about the freshest news of yourself.

3. Attract comments by starting a conversation. Right in the body of your blog, start the conversation. Include questions where in readers will even start to question themselves.

4. Use keywords. Use ones that are associated to you and your blog’s interest. You’ll receive more visits if keywords are used well. Plus, it helps your blog rank in search engines.

5. Don’t use words that are difficult to understand. Use simple words that a common man can understand, but keep it to a certain level that is not below average. In that way, you will not turn-off possible readers. Use words that a high school student will be able to understand in writing a blog.

6. Divide your blogposts into parts. Writing a blog that looks like a long thesis paper will definitely bore readers. Simply by dividing and adding some pictures to it will attract and stimulate the readers’ imagination.

Generally your blog should contain you as the product. It must have a heart like a human being and have a brain as vast as the world.


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