The Set Back and Progress of being a Virtual Assistant

Certainly, there are two sides of a thing: good and bad. Being a virtual assistant doesn’t make one immune to this reality. It has advantages and disadvantages. In every advantage there is a corresponding disadvantage. So, if you are planning to become one, then you might as well look into the real picture of a virtual assistant. The one that doesn’t favor only the bright side of this profession but the one that offers both side of it. Let us look at what does it take to become a virtual assistant.


1. You are the boss.

Who doesn’t want to be the boss? Of course, everyone wanted to become the boss of his own business. And certainly being the virtual assistant, you become the boss of your business. You decide on your own. You will set your own goals and the services you want to offer to your clients. Since you got the freedom to choose your services, you will be able to focus on your skills or your specialties and you can decide whether you will undergo training or not.

2. Work from home.

One of the biggest advantages of being a virtual assistant is the opportunity to work from home. In fact, this business is one of the home based jobs that boomed. If you are a mother, you can look after your kids and take care of them. Aside from that, as a virtual assistant, all you need is a computer and an internet connection at home.

3. Low start-up cost and you can decide your own pay.

The cost of being a virtual assistant is low. All you need other than your technical skills is an office. The office we’re talking about in here is not that fancy office in large corporations. A spare room in the attic or under the stairs will do. Being a virtual assistant requires the use of an internet connection and a computer thus, these two will be of utmost important than other office amenities. Other than that, you will also need a fax machine, printer and a phone line.

Being a virtual assistant, you will have all the power to decide how much you earn. If you work smart and hard, you got the chance to earn that six figure income you’ve been dreaming. The thought is simple, “no work no pay”.

4. Interesting.

Working as a virtual assistant gives you a chance to work with different cultures and various personalities. Best of all, you are working on the things that can catch your interest.

5. In Demand.

There is a global craze for outsourcing nowadays, making the demand for virtual assistants remain high and expected to rise. In order to cut overboard costs on doing non-core but somehow essential business functions, many businessmen outsource these tasks to virtual assistants. The business world today just can’t live without a virtual assistant.

6. Able to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Perhaps there is nothing more rewarding than the capacity to help especially to your fellow entrepreneur. That blissful feeling of helping other businesses especially the smaller ones to accomplish their goal is what made a virtual assistant so interesting and rewarding. That virtual tap on the shoulder through their positive feedback is such a spirit lifter.

Although there are a lot of advantages of being a virtual assistant, there are also disadvantages that might deter you from pursuing the career.


1. No Benefits.

Since you are working on your own, you got no benefits to start with. You got no sick and vacation pays and above all you have no health care benefits. So if you consider to become a virtual assistant, then you might settle some of your social security issues. Start a healthcare insurance if you desire and plan for your vacations ahead of time.

2. Requires discipline and dedication.

Working from home requires some level of discipline and dedication. Since you will be near to your family, most probably you will be interrupted by them when you are working. Your kid might require some immediate attention or your sister invited you to lunch and sometimes you will be interrupted by phone calls.

3. Pay your own tax.

In some states and countries, registering your internet business is required. Your local law might require you to pay taxes by working on your own or running your own business.

4. You work alone.

One deterrent towards becoming a virtual assistant is loneliness since you will be working on their own. However, some of them are residing within the same locale have found a solution to collaborate and coordinate with their fellows. Joining a virtual assistant organization will be beneficial.

5. Cannot work without internet connection.

Inability to work without an internet connection is one of the biggest disadvantages not only of being a virtual assistant but also of other online business. By its definition, a virtual assistant requires an internet connection in order to function.

6. Hard to find clients.

Working as a freelance virtual assistant, finding a client doesn’t come easy. It is possible that sometimes they don’t have a client at all for a long period of time. Without work, they cannot earn money.

After all, virtual assistant business is not just all fun. There are bright and dark sides of it. Advantages that will benefit you and disadvantages that will hinder you from considering working as a virtual assistant. In the end, it’s about you as a person. If you are a risk taker and willing to venture in unknown frontiers or you are an individual who can’t work alone. It’s up to you. The decision to become a virtual assistant is in your hand.


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