The 5 Benefits of Facebook Marketing Virtual Assistant

Facebook was invented in October 28, 2003 by Mark Zuckerberg in his room at Harvard University. At first, its use was exclusive only for Harvard students but later on; it became popular in other universities in both US and Canada. Soon after its formal launching in February 2004, the social network started growing in such an unexpected rate that large corporations started buying shares of the company. Today, if it were a country, Facebook will rank third as the most populous in the world.

One goal in social media marketing is to get the company or business brand noticed by customers. To achieve this, online merchants should acquire presence in various social networking sites and Facebook is one of those sites that can help accomplish this goal. A Facebook marketing virtual assistant is the one who utilizes the social network,, to market a product, service or brand. However, the work of a Facebook marketing virtual assistant doesn’t end after establishing a fan page and inviting friends to join.

Engaging in Facebook marketing can have a lot of benefits to a business. The following are the reasons why a Facebook marketing virtual assistant should open a page in Facebook for marketing:

1. Branding and Free Advertising
With its over 600 million members worldwide, Facebook is a great way to generate brand awareness.

Free advertising occurs when your fans will “like” your page and recommend them to their friends.

2. Customer Interaction
Facebook is a good medium to interact with your customers. You can communicate promotions, events and contests. You can ask for ideas from them on how you can improve your products or services.

3. Networking
Facebook was indeed created to build networks of people. You can search for people or businesses in the Facebook platform that are involved in your industry and become a fan of a page or profile. By being connected to them you increase your visibility to your target customers.

4. Drive web traffic and Lead generation
Facebook will serve as a gateway that will lead to your website. With the recent updates in the Facebook system, websites can now be linked to Facebook profiles and pages.

Facebook can be used as a potential lead generation tool. You can review your fans profile and find future prospects to aid in lead qualifying process.

5. Reputation Management
Fans can post anything they want and thereby the possibility of a destructive comment is high. Or sometimes some people may be against the organization and will cite a campaign attacking and destroying your brand’s reputation. Facebook, as an interactive media can be used for reputation management by answering back to that bad publicity and clarifying some misguided information. This task is done by a Facebook marketing virtual assistant that can protect your company’s reputation.

In the end, it’s not in the number of likes or fans you garnered that matters in an online business but the sales you acquired that counts. Facebook is just one of the social networking sites that can be utilized to market a product or service online, which is why if you wanted success in your online marketing you must be able to tap other social media platforms available.


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