Social Media Marketing Assistants’ Expectations from Clients

Social media marketing assistants (SMM assistant) are entrepreneurs who provide professional service and other specialized support services to businessmen from a remote administrative office, in an ongoing, collaborative professional relationship. They are entrepreneurs who work in the comfort of their homes. They are the boss of their own business. They enjoy every freedom they have as they have the full control of their business.

While they need clients in order for their business to grow, they can still decide whom they want to work with. They typically have clients who they love working with and clients they will not work with again even if that same client will pay double per hour. So if you wanted to be in the top priority, then perhaps you would consider reading this blog.

There are three things that social media marketing assistants look for in their clients. These three are the basis for labeling their clients as bad or good and whether they will be working for them again in the future. They expect their clients to communicate with them clearly and concisely, to be not strict and rigid with them, and above all they are expecting to have a professional relationship.

Clear and Concise Communication

SMM assistants expect their clients to communicate with them in a clear and concise fashion. Communication is of vital necessity throughout the entire partnership, so that waste of resources will be avoided.

What are the resources that can be wasted when tasks or information was not communicated properly to a SMM assistant? First of all, time will be wasted on clarifying certain details that were vague during the giving out of tasks and instructions while a virtual assistant’s time is wasted on decoding obscure data. It is therefore highly recommended that the client must provide clear and concise instructions to the social media marketing assistant beforehand and ask the virtual assistant whether he has something to clarify.

Another resource that may be wasted due to poor communication is monetary resources on the part of the client. When the virtual assistant spends an extra hour, the client will have to pay for that extra hour.

Some Measure of Flexibility

SMM assistants expect their clients to show some measure of flexibility. It is noteworthy that virtual assistant and their clients live across different time zones. Their experiences within their individual time zones might be slightly or entirely different. While social media marketing assistants will do everything within their means, there are certain things beyond their control, so they will appreciate it if their clients will not be rigid and strict with them.

Professional Relationship

By its very definition, SMM assistants are professionals, thus they are expecting a professional relationship with their clients. Professionalism must be observed at all times when clients deal with their SMM assistants. Aside from that, clients must always bear in mind that they are only outsourcing tasks to their assistants thus; they must treat their assistant as independent contractors. They would like it if they will be respected by their clients.

While these are only three of the things that SMM assistants expect from their clients, there are other things that they wanted from their clients depending upon their agreement.


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