How A Virtual Assistant Provides Relevant SERP Using SEM

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. The word Search Engine Marketing was first proposed by Danny Sullivan. It is a way to promote website by increasing its visibility in search engines. It includes marketing strategies like search advertising, paid search and most importantly, search engine optimization.

A Virtual assistant provides SEM services to help any business online. Using SEM as a marketing tool for business online is very beneficial because there are a lot of competitors gaining entry to your industry everyday. A virtual assistant can help your business get ahead from these competitors by the use of proper SEM techniques. Not only that, but also with the help of proper SEM it can give relevant results for the users who often stay on search engines for shopping, research, gettng real-time updates…etc.

How a virtual assistant does proper SEM techniques? Here are the areas that a virtual assistant focuses when they do SEM:

  • How is the website indexed by the search engine? A virtual assistant makes sure that the search engine spider will enter the site, without any “blockage” like Flash or Javascript. They design a website that feeds the search engine spider by providing a necessary code, like for example, an alt tags for images or graphics.

    With the concern of “indexability”, the main goal of a virtual assistant is to ensure that the website is not only search engine-friendly but also a user-friendly.

  • How the website is relevant to user’s searches? Relevancy of a website requires a proper planning. A virtual assistant first determines the appropriate keywords for the site. After that, they use these keywords in meta data and in an actual page which includes its navigation, text, links, and alt tags for graphics. They also use the correct percentage and valuable keywords that are present in a certain page. And there is NO SPAMMING.
  • Website and brand authority. Authoritativeness can be achieved by the popularity of a certain website. To increase the site popularity, a virtual assistant uses strategies like blogging, social bookmarking, social networking, forum participation or through online community participation. With these, a virtual assistant also believes that the number of quality backlinks are key to gain authority, thus increasing your search engine rank.

As what I mentioned earlier, SEM also includes paid search. Paying is another way to attract visitors. This includes paid inclusion and pay per click (sponsored listing). Paid inclusion is done by submitting your site to web directories and you pay for a guaranteed inclusion in the directory while sponsored listing or pay per click are the ads that you can find in the right column of search engine. A good example is the box that says “Ads by google”.

Why is search engine marketing very important to any business online? It’s because almost all the people globally use the Internet every day as a necessity to collect information or socialize. As entrepreneurs, you need to know where your possible customers are always hanging out. You must use the Internet to connect with your customer in gaining profit. SEM and SEO are almost the same, the only difference between these two strategies are their concentration like for virtual assistant which has a concentration on SEM is called SEM virtual assistant and for a virtual assistant which has a concentration on SEO is called an SEO virtual assistant. With this, you need a virtual assistant who could help market your business online in a proper and effective way. A virtual assistant who has an ability not only to help you on your business online but also to make your website an authority site, search engine-friendly and relevant to user searches.


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