Article Submission: Still Important in Link Building

Link building is a process of creating inbound links to another website. There are lots of link building strategies like social media, networking emails, twitter marketing, guest posting, forum and blog commenting, and article submission.

Many link builders have disregarded article submission as one of the strategies. Yet, it plays an important role in link building. Article submission directories such as Ezine Articles and Article Base have page ranks of 6. This means that if you have links on such websites it can help generate more traffic, increase link popularity and gain quality back links.

It can be daunting to submit articles when you are trying to do link building over a multiple number of sites. There are lots of websites in the Internet that offer article submission softwares in an affordable price yet there are some that offers it for free. Today, with the latest Google panda updates which targets duplicate contents, a trick like having your article republished by hundreds of sites does not longer exist. What you need to do now is to write a unique article and submit it to only one article directory preferably to Ezine Articles.

Ezine is still an excellent site for unique content articles. It can drive direct traffic and it can also lead to your content being referred in other post and articles along with proper credit. Traffic is the most important thing to people who have websites and blogs. If you want your product to be known, you have to drive more traffic. More traffic means high link popularity which eventually leads to better ranking opportunities.

Writing an article can be a tiring process. Its not every day that you see yourself in the mood to write about a particular topic. It takes a while before you can start squeezing your brains for the right words and phrases. If you’re one of those people who hire others to write for you, well you are indeed fortunate. If you already have your article to be submitted, make sure that it has quality and original content. It should contain enough keywords to market your product. In article submission, you need to position your article in the right niche, category, and market so that it will be instantly noticed.

Submitting an article into a directory can be an easy task yet it should be posted properly because the manner of posting an article may sometimes affect the interest of a reader. Adding an image or video that is relevant to the subject you are writing may also attract the readers to read. If possible you can add the links to an image or video.

Lastly, the most important thing in article submission is you should always remember to leave your links on it. Article submission directories provide a resource box wherein you can leave your links. Do not put the links on the body of the article. It is important that you follow the guidelines of every article submission directory.

For more information about link building and article submission, you can visit Link Building Services.


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