Why Should There Be A Forum Moderator?

Internet has been considered by some as an area of free speech and free expression. Forums, bulletin boards, and other social media are some of the places which provide people a free place to ask questions, to provide answers to questions, to open a discussion for a certain topic, and to provide valuable ideas for visitors and researchers. Free speech and free expression are allowed in these places but with necessary guidelines and disciplines to follow.

Forum stands for free speech; however, there are forum members, who are quite abusive, insensitive, and have nothing to do with their time but annoy and confuse people on the forum. A forum needs a forum moderator to check forum members’ posts, replies, and other forum activities. It is a forum moderator’s responsibility to keep the forum alive and to ensure that the forum functions properly as it is intended to be according to forum’s guidelines and rules.

Why should there be a forum moderator? Sometimes forum members do not follow the guidelines of the forum which lead them insulting each other and using the forum for illegal purposes. These manners are unacceptable and members doing these should be penalized. However, these manners could be avoided if there is a forum moderator who monitors forum members’ activities. Forum moderator could give warnings to members who are abusive and if they don’t stop doing this kind of activity they could be banned in the forum.

When there are issues that may arise between the established contributors of the forum, a forum moderator is required to use their intelligent judgment to bring the issues to an acceptable conclusion. They should be ready to deal with anything that may appear on the forum. It is the duty of a forum moderator to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the involved forum contributors according to the rules of the forum. They should maintain the spirit in which it is supposed to be conducted and the overall benefits of the many against the few.

Forum moderators are equipped with skills necessary to handle and manage forum related tasks. They are patient enough to handle all sorts of request. They are experienced and they love to participate in the community discussions all across the net. They are dedicated to spend their time monitoring their forum members; opening, participating and closing the discussions; as well as teaching and guiding newbie in the forum. They are flexible and determined to keep the forum at its value and encouraging use of the forum by genuine members and interested visitors.

Indeed, there should be a forum moderator because sometimes there are people who assume that they have the right to do or say whatever they want to. People can come and post on forums whatever they want but in compliance with the rules and regulations of the forum and of course in the right topic board. A forum moderator is simply just there to watch members’ activities in order to make sure that everyone enjoys the site and are not doing anything that could violate someone’s rights.


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