SEO Virtual Assistants Beat Regular Employees

Today companies prefer to hire SEO virtual assistants (SEO VA)over regular employees. This action of most companies today can be explained in the light of the benefits that they can acquire from hiring an SEO VA.

The practice of hiring an SEO VA to perform administrative yet non core business functions began during the recession. In those days, companies looked for means to produce the same number of products and services without compromising quality. So they turned to virtual assistants to solve the problem.


The obvious reason why most companies hire an SEO virtual assistant over a regular employee, is because it is more cost effective to hire a VA. Remember that it is not only the salary that the employer will have to think about when hiring a regular employee. There are hidden costs that will be counted as well, such as healthcare and medical benefits, leaves and holiday pays.

With the present status of the global economy, it’s counterproductive to hire a regular employee because of the hidden costs attached to hiring one. Whereas, there are no hidden costs to an independent contractor, like virtual assistants, as they are independent contractors they pay for their own medical and other benefits, and their own income tax.

SEO VA’s have their own office supplies and equipments and there is no need for the company to provide it for them.

Quality of Work

SEO virtual assistants are dedicated to providing quality services because their pay is dependent on the quality of their work. A regular employee on the other hand needs not to worry much on the quality of their work because they will still receive their salary despite the outcome of their jobs. That’s why virtual assistants need to be committed to the quality of their work.

Hiring a SEO VA appears to be the universal cure to the global recession problem that we continue to experience today. However, there are still aspects of the company that regular employees play a vital role. Companies must premeditate what tasks they are supposed to outsource and what not to.


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