Fast Article Writing Creation Using Writing Software

Companies and businessmen have also penetrated Internet to achieve their target market and to connect with potential customers. Since Internet is a wide source of information to where the only communication to interact with people is through words in the form of text, the best way to bond with people is through article writing .

The articles are used as means to publicize the business carrying its name to the massive readers worldwide. Articles contain links that bring readers to the website page as they click the hyperlinks that are widely spread in the body of the article.

Through article writing , the readers are able to learn about the business. That simple learning can lead to sales. Many articles are published daily and it’s hard to compete with millions of competitors that also have article writing as their promotional tool.

For the business to stand out from the large number of rivals online and offline, it must generate fresh articles daily. A constant presence of your business serves as a subtle reminder to familiarize the public of the product or service that you are endorsing through article writing.

People only remember those that are always present or are visible. In this situation, a writer is needed to provide article writing service for the website. Most companies or businessmen have multiple businesses to manage and a small number of writers are not enough to produce daily articles.

Other businessmen, instead of hiring an additional writer for the article writing task, they rely on writing software. Purchasing the tool is lesser compared in employing someone to do the writing. Various software are already out in the market.

The following are just one of those that are commonly used in bigger companies such as corporations or small business owners. Big or small businesses are also using a writing software to lessen their expenses.

The Best Spinner

Basing from its name, you will have an idea that it’s a spinner in article writing. The main use of this writing software is to spin articles. It spins the articles by creating a new article out of the original article. This software is also used by seo companies or link building companies which provide social media campaign such as twitter marketing and facebook marketing.

It has the capacity to produce hundreds of new articles from one single original article. The software has 846, 021 easy and commonly used synonyms in its built-in thesaurus. The thesaurus is constantly updated and has German, French, Italian and Spanish as its main languages.

This unique writing software has the ability to generate contents from a word, and from words it can also derive content from phrases, sentences and it can even accumulate a group of words from paragraphs.

Like Microsoft Word, it also has word count and has a feature that calculates the percentage of the article’s originality similar to plagiarism tools that are available online like CopyScape.

Omnistar Article

This writing software is a web-based PHP article software that allows any user to insert a php code that can be incorporated on their site. The software is being downloaded and installed on a local web server and inserted on their blogs or website.

This is also permitted in pages to where it is most likely used such as press release page, customer’s page and product’s page. It also supports MySQL and was used by webmasters and businesses in article writing.

The main edge of Omnistar Article from other writing software is that, it assists the user to build their personal article directory, online magazine and news publishing. This is beneficial to businessmen who are in the field of publishing that revolves around article writing.

Aside from that, it also has WYSIWYG Editor, a necessary tool in the creation of PHP pages in article writing . This tool has its own features to where you can underline or bold the texts and add tables or format the contents in the absence of programming.

Article Jockey

Another tool in article writing that instantly create articles that can be submitted to article directories or can be simply placed in a website is the Article Jockey. It has a unique feature that makes it standout from other writing software.

The articles it produces are already SEO optimized. It automatically inserts keywords to boost the article’s ranking is search engines making it more visible from others that also market through article writing. Aside from article optimization, this free software also has a keyword density checker to have a better position in Google which is highly needed in article writing.


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