SEO Article Writing: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, Best Choice?

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, which superseded Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and is comparable to Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows is the most recent version of Microsoft Office productivity suite for Mac OS X. It is considered as the most advanced version of Microsoft Office for Mac and best for SEO articles writing. This development in Microsoft Office software for Mac computers had been brought about due to the insistent clamour and negative feedback coming from consumers because of the disappointing performance of Office 2008 for Mac. Accordingly Microsoft tweaked the user interface in Office 2011, because of the lessons it learned from its consumers, like those writer that write SEO articles.

Since its release in 2010, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac has received significant number of good reviews and positive feedback from editors, such as PC Mag, and from consumers. This latest advancement in office suite for Mac has been noted to have more pros than cons and is dubbed to have better interface compare to Office 2010 for Windows, making it best for writing SEO articles. Consumers, prior to buying Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, must have some background knowledge about the product to have a well informed buying decision.


Microsoft Office 2011 compared to Office 2008, is innovative, better-designed, startlingly faster, vastly more powerful, and far more compatible with Office for Windows. It even includes a few features that outclass anything in its Windows-based counterpart, Microsoft Office 2010. It is a great option for professionals who got heavy-duty work to perform on the Mac like SEO articles writing. However, there are also editions well suited for home and school use.

It is the most powerful Mac office software that is well-integrated with OS X so far and best for making SEO articles. The Visual Basic for Applications recorded and programmed macros are fully supported. Its newly-designed Outlook replaces Entourage as mail/calendar/contact app.

The new suite also feels more “Mac-like” than Office 2008. For example, the Ribbon is built entirely using Apple’s Cocoa development framework, and takes advantage of Apple’s Core Animation system. As a result, Ribbon tabs will slide easily when rearranging them and will expand smoothly into popovers without obscuring the document the user is working on; thus SEO articles writing is much easier.

It also has a non-modal search box on the right side of the toolbar which allows the user to search through documents quickly and with ease as it does not obscure the content. There are also notable improvements on all of its applications both for desktop and web based.


In spite of the paramount success on its improvements, there are still minor drawbacks on Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Luckily this doesn’t concern SEO articles writing. At least one feature that is less powerful than the previous version is that Office no longer syncs calendars with iCal. Another weakness of Office 2011 is its Outlook’s apparent inability to synchronize with or retrieve mail from Exchange Server 2003 or earlier. These minor limitations are shrouded by the improvement made on the software.
To be able to produce this latest advancement on Microsoft Office for Mac, Microsoft did its homework and overhauled the program to the benefit of all its consumers, especially SEO articles writer, that has long been thirsty for this improvement. Using this latest software will greatly benefit Mac OS X users and knowing the pros and cons of MS Office 2011 for Mac prior to buying it, can save consumers money and spare them from future disappointments.


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