How to Find Hot Topics for Article Writing- 6 Ways

Article writing remains to be the best Internet marketing strategy in order to get attention from searchers and draw them to visit your site. This best way to convert visitors into potential customers. To write an article is simple. One has to only type it in Word processing software like MS Word or Google Docs, however to write about an interesting topic is a different story.

In order to get interesting article for Internet marketing, one has to find for hot topics for article writing. There are many ways that can help a writer find hot topics to write upon. Here some of the ways how to find for those topics.

1.Look for trending topics on social networking sites

Social networking sites like that of Twitter and Facebook can be the best place to start when looking for hot topics for article writing. Today most of major issues world wide are being discussed in social networking sites. The writer can also join in the conversation and gain additional insights. Writing about social networking sites like facebook marketing strategies or twitter marketing is in demand. So why don’t you start writing about social networking sites or what you can find in it.

2. Read news from news site

Internet news sites are good means to acquire the hottest and up to date topics both locally and internationally.

3. Read blog comments

If the writer maintains a blog, he can find hot topics from the comments left by the readers. Their comments can reveal some ideas on why they like or interested in the blog and they can also suggest another topic that might be related to the previous topic.

Whereas if the writer, which rarely happens, doesn’t have a blog he can still read other blogs and acquire ideas for writing.

4. Join in online forum

Joining in online forum opens the opportunity to find and join in the discussion of the most pressing issues and hottest topic.

5. Make use of search engine suggest tools

Search engines had provided a tool to assist searchers, which made it easier for them to look for the hottest or most searched by others.

6. Keyword research

Keyword research will also be of great help in finding hot topics to write upon. It can also lead to the discovery of more interesting topics that will boost traffic to the website.

Most writers would always complain that the hardest part in writing an article is the beginning. Here he must muster all the inspiration to write an interesting or hot topic. Finding a hot topic means a lot to the success of an online business using content marketing strategy.


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