Advertising Jobs: Choose an Advertising Career Now!

Pivotal to the success of advertising are the people behind its every creative ideas that has produced the most artistic and viral advertisement in various media channels- digital and physical. Advertising jobs are the most sought after careers today among creative people who like to sell products and services. There are different types of advertising jobs available that professionals can apply to. Knowing these advertising jobs will help professionals in choosing which job they fit best.

Account Manager

An account manager serves to bridge the agency and the client and provides direct link between the creative and production departments. He is also responsible in overseeing the activities of all the departments to ensure that the client’s specifications about the projects are honored and all deadlines are met. He gives the decision on the selection of the most appropriate media for the promotion of a particular product or service. This advertising job is best suited for goal-oriented people with excellent management qualities.

Sales Manager

This advertising job is best for individuals who find joy in interacting with other people and coordinating a team. This advertising job offers the opportunity to sell advertising in a variety of media. This career in advertising requires strong communication skills and multi-tasking capacity.

Market Researcher

The main duties of this advertising job are compiling, organizing and interpreting information related to problems and opportunities in the marketing of particular products or services. Market researchers study target market demographics and other related advertising statistics and at the same time also develops research tools to analyze campaign effectiveness. Account executives and their clients use research information to rate the success of advertising. Individuals who are good in numbers and has superior analytical skills are perfect for this advertising job.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialist is an advertising job responsible to represent the client and the company in all dealings with the media and other business entities or groups. He prepares the press releases and contacts the most appropriate media outlet for the product or service. People with excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality who loves to mingle and socialize will most likely succeed on this advertising job.

Graphic Designer

This advertising job belongs to the creative department of the advertising agency. A graphic designer uses color, illustration and animation to create advertisements for print, electronic and interactive media. They are responsible for producing brochures, designing company logos, trademarks and symbols, as required by the client. He must be able to keep himself updated with the latest developments in computer graphics and design software. Those with great talent in designing and gifted with an eye for art will most likely flourish in this field.

Art Directors

Artistic directors manage and coordinate the creative department and the one responsible for the overall idea for an advertising promotion. A strong leadership coupled with great artistic passion is needed for this advertising job.


Copywriters are also needed in an advertising agency as they write the headlines and content of the ads. They are the ones responsible for the bewitching words of an advertisement. Being good in rhetoric is not that really necessary in this advertising job but as long as one is capable of creating headlines and content that entices and drives the audience towards the expected outcome.

Media Planners

Media planning of advertising jobs focus on market research and media buying. Media planners create advertising plan based on analysis of market research and editorial content. They are working with account executives to purchase the appropriate media for the ad campaign. Anyone who enjoys audience analysis and media research will find this advertising job a good option.

There are advertising jobs available for those who aspire to join the advertising market. Prior to applying to any of the above mentioned it will be helpful for professionals to acquire knowledge and insight about the job, to guide them before sending their resumes.


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