The Virtual Legal Assistant: Job Description and Opportunities

It is indeed without question that lawyers are among the busiest people in the world. That is why it is not surprising to see towering files of paper on their table that they need to sort, read and study.

Because of their hectic schedule many of them barely have the time to rest and spare time for their family. Despite the nature of their work, many people still want to become lawyers. With the rise and demand for lawyers there is another profession that has grown in line with this growth — the virtual legal assistant.

Virtual legal assistance is a niche service of the virtual assistance industry. As with other virtual assistants, the business medium is through the Internet. What separates them from their counterparts is their extended responsibilities, considering they are dealing with lawyers and the law industry is just another world with its own way of doing things. It is expected therefore that virtual assistants must adapt to this.

Nature of the work

Virtual legal assistants are also known as virtual paralegals, because they offer help to lawyers and do not provide legal remedies. They serve as right-hand men of lawyers instead. The following is a list of the duties of virtual legal assistants.

  • They help in drafting letters of correspondence for clients and concerned people.
  • They help prepare legal documents.
  • They carry out exhaustive legal research pertaining to ongoing suits and cases.
  • They prepare monthly billings for lawyers.
  • They also create presentations for lawyers.
  • Other services that they do are trail preparation, writing stipulations and briefs.

As every lawyer may specialize in various fields, virtual legal assistants are also expected to have knowledge of these fields and may specialize in these fields as well. Some of the fields of law that has the highest demand for virtual legal assistants are those involving business bankruptcy and cases of injuries.

Qualifications and Requirements

The qualifications and requirements to become a virtual legal assistant is not fixed. Having a bachelor’s degree is most oftentimes used as a basis by law firms or lawyers for hiring a virtual legal assistant, although having an associate degree in paralegal science can boost your chances. Other things that might be required for a virtual legal assistant are:

  • A good command of the English language
  • Well-versed with the basics of the Internet
  • An expert in the use of Microsoft Office especially Word, Excel, and Power point
  • Decent typing speed
  • Excellent time management

To get progress in the field there are a few available training schools online that a virtual legal assistant can enroll to. The certificates that can be earned from trainings and seminars can be used to the credit of the virtual legal assistant.

Job opportunities

Finding a job as a virtual legal assistant is not difficult. There are a lot of law firms and individual lawyers who are willing to hire them now. Their growing popularity can be attested by the numerous job postings in the Internet. The profession can be practiced either as a freelance or by applying to virtual assistant companies offering such. However lawyers prefer those coming from virtual assistant companies.

Whether you’re an aspiring law student, or just a housewife with basic knowledge of the law, you can’t go wrong in becoming a virtual legal assistant.


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