Copywriting for a Good SEO Virtual Assistant

Copywriting may be considered as an art, the art of capturing other’s attention by creatively combining words to promote your market. Others may not know that copywriting are also used by an SEO Virtual Assistant in giving their SEO services. It primarily attracts customers and audience to read or listen to an ad. It may also be the main reason that customers persuade to read or listen to that specific site. According to Wikipedia, copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.

Copywriting contributes a very big part to an SEO Virtual Assistant, How? Just by using keywords and dynamic words that make your site alive, you’re already practicing copywriting.

Copywriting can be in a form of:

1. Slogan – a phrase or sentence that is captivating and easy to remember for advertising purposes. Also known as brand “punchline” or “tag line”.

2. Jingle – it maybe composed of slogans, may come in a musical or poetic presentation.

3. Web Page Content – It defines everything about the product in a very creative way, from benefits to how exceptional the product or service is. It can be both informational and promotional. This is the main form of Copywriting that an SEO Virtual Assistant in rendering their SEO services.

4. TV/ radio Commercial – Basically a 30 to 60-second promotional video made by a business firm or an advertising company that is hired to do such commercials.

5. Social Networking Site Posts – A personal or company owned used to promote business and catch possible consumers. The person or company post updates and information about their product or service.

3 Simple Basic Rules in Copywriting

1. Have the Best Lively, Non-Boring Title. This will be the first evaluation of possible customers. If the copywriter got the right title for his article our ad, mostly customers will be encouraged to know what you and your business can do to them.

2. Some Grammar Rules can be broken. But it must be kept to a minimum that customers will be able to understand what the ad wanted to say. The article or ad should come out right the way it should be understood.

3. Healthy Mind and Body. Coordinated mind and body produces excellent ideas that we expect in copywriting. The more exceptional the created article or ad is, the more visits it can get and greater chance to have customer resulting to greater satisfaction for your business.



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