Social Media Marketing and You

Social Media has been the latest trend nowadays. It has been a great tool in Search Engine Optimization and also in the field of business. Businesses are now entering the world of Internet for the purpose of advertising which is one of the major aspects of starting a business. Social Media Marketing (SMM) then began soon after it. As a response to that action, Social Media Marketing Plan (SMM Plan)was formulated. So what are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

1. Business Publicity.

Since social media is a hit today, it simply means that businesses that are in to Social Media Marketing will be easily contaminated by the fame that it has attained. On a second look, social media can be the route of your business for its promotions and discounts.

2. Serves as the voice of customers.

Social Medias let’s business owners to communicate with their customers through chats, commenting, posts, etc. It can be a way to know what are their expectations from the business that was offered to them, their wants and their special needs. This will serve as a mean for comments, suggestions and recommendations of your customers. Business owners will know the positive and negative feedbacks on their product or service, in that way, they can customize their products or services for improvement.

3. Get or gain more customers.

As customers get satisfied because their requests are heard and a solutions were acted upon to their request, the positive response will travel through the social media as real testimonials based in their experience, serving as a reliable fact to possible clients.

4. More Traffic.

More traffic means higher page ranking. It gives a very good reputation to the business. This will result to increasing customer referrals, creating a bigger community to interact with, giving opportunity for sales talk and achieving positive effects on the business’ sales.

5. Builds Relationship.

As relationships are built, it will later evolve to trust, gaining loyal customers. Having them will be a proof of quality product and service of a business.

Start gaining the benefits of having a Social Media Marketing Plan:

FIRST: TAKE HEED. Listen to what the target market wants.
Listening can be a way of assessing the problems of your customers. Business owners can be the cure if they act upon those problems in accordance with what the consumers prefer. They can join groups that are related to their product or service and influence people to speak up by posting creative photos and videos about their products or service.

Every business is unique, thus requiring unique plans, objectives and goals.
The strategy should follow the SMART form: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. You can start up by identifying your possible target market and sign up on famous social networking sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. This will be the foundation of the #5 benefit of having a SMM Plan.

The effects of SMM Plan and a good relationship with customers can’t be seen overnight. A specific time should be allotted to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. (as also mentioned above). An inactive account on social media is considered a mummy, preserved but dead. Sometimes, business owners hire a Virtual Assistant to manage their social media accounts.
As a conclusion, SMM Plan can help everyone, but in return, it needs effort and time investment to attain your desired outcome.


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