Fast Quality Articles; One Way of Link Building

Writing is one of the artistic ways to advertise your business online and do link building. Some link building companies also use writing as a way for their link building strategy. Writing needs some important components to reach the outcome or even surpass the expected masterpiece. One of those needs is focus. Focus primarily gives direction to the writer in the beginning until the end of his or her article. Once the writer is focused, spontaneity of ideas will come out easily.

Inspiration, writers need inspiration to draw out the creativity that they are hiding within their subconscious. We need that creativity from inspiration not only for fictional articles but also to factual and informational articles. Factual articles should be presented creatively to encourage readers to finish reading those articles.

We also need the desire of an author to write. Without this major component, writing an article will be as boring as an empty box, leading the writer to be unproductive and breaching the number one need in writing which is, focus. These three components will then interact or correlate with the following simple steps in Writing Articles fast.

1. Choose your specific topic

Choosing your topic as the first step focuses the author’s mind to that certain topic, synchronizing with the first need in writing. Once the author have chosen a topic, it will draw different questions that are very helpful in planning and especially link building.

2. Know your topic very well

If an author knows each and every corner of his/her topic, then he/she will not take so much time in researching every now and then. It is suggested that if the writer doesn’t know that much about a certain topic that he/she is about to compose, then he or she should read a couple of articles (it should come from reliable sites, books and printed materials can be good sources too) to know what the topic really mean and also to correct mistaken beliefs and clarify misconceptions. In that way, the outcome will be reliable and considered factual which is very important also in link building.

3. Remove Distractions

Minimizing or even eliminating different stimuli that distracts writers can really help their mind to work accordingly to their tasks. Distractions are not a consistent list of things applicable for everyone, for example, Writer #1 may consider the radio as a distraction but find television as an inspirational object, but Writer #2 may find it the other way, Writer #2 may be motivated in listening to the radio and easily distracted by a television. Each writer has different distractive and motivational list which should be considered always. For some link building companies that use articles for link building, they may provide their writers with things that can make them concentrate on their task.

4. Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal

Having a goal means having a direction to follow. Having Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound goals save time which is the main consideration in writing fast.

5. Create an Outline

An outline can be written or prepared in mind (imaginary). An outline of the topic will be considered the backbone of your article. Another main purpose of this step is simply to save again your precious time that can be allotted to more important tasks. (Though writing is also important, we also consider other tasks to be done, composing one article should not eat up 24 hours)

6. Edit article before posting.

This will be the Quality Assurance part. Authors can be the best QA’s for themselves because they know their topic well before writing. Proper grammar should be also taken into consideration since it will be a part of your article’s rating of reliability. Who would trust an article with wrong grammar? And in this part, you are given the chance to check your keyword density and add links to those keywords, link building companies have their own unique strategy. Well, with that, you’ve just done some link building.


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