Advertising: Attracting the Hearts and Minds of Every Person

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” ~Steuart Henderson Britt

Advertising is a strategy which was developed to communicate products and services to potential customers who may avail or purchase the products and services offered by a certain company. Today, most advertising strategies are focused on achieving their goals which is to promote their products directly to the customers and attract them to purchase the products. In general, advertising is used to inform the people and persuade them to buy it.

Advertising has been one of the most important strategies used by entrepreneurs. All the varieties of media could not exist without an advertisement on it. Televisions, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and also Internet are some of the media that were used as the ground for advertising. When you turn on your television, you’ll see how advertising dominates the whole show. It is also a fact that advertising has greatly influenced the minds of every person watching it, especially the younger ones. When people see an advertisement that instantly caught their attention, you can expect that they will be talking about it over and over again.

The common strategies used in advertising are the following:

Building awareness

This strategy is found to be the most effective. People are always drawn to discover something new and fresh. If they are offered with a unique and very interesting ad, they will definitely hook into it. Words, images, videos and colors with vibrant colors could really give great impact to the viewers. People will spend less time taking a look on your ad if it’s boring. But if you create a well-crafted, eye-catching and attractive ad, then let the numbers do the talking.

Emotional appeal

Some advertisers never invest much on the creativity of the advertisement. Instead, they focus more on the message that will be conveyed to the people. They attract the attention of the people by pulling their emotions towards their ads. This strategy works best in companies who endorse insurance, loans, and banks.

Linking to Celebrities

Having celebrities to endorse your product will attract more people. Whether you chose the most beautiful or the ugliest one, they will surely hit the market because celebrities have a big name in the society and they are known by the majority of the crowd and they could persuade the public easily. So if you entrust your product to a reliable celebrity, people will most likely believe them.


Some companies have chosen some children to become the subject of their advertisement. Children could catch the attention of every person in the household especially their fellow age group. Children are fond of imitating someone they have recently seen on the television and they could easily act it out. They are a good model to the public because of the innocence they are portraying.

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