Virtual Assistant, Inc is a Charleston, SC USA based business process services company with delivery offices located in the United States and the Philippines.


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  1. We are seeking a VA who can review our weekly Google Analytic report and summarize findings and list action items needed for conversion improvement.

  2. Link Building: Please look at my site. i am looking for some one who can focus on building targeted links to my site. My site has a large database of targeted websites that we need to contact via email and request links. I can do this myself, but I do not have the time. My site, because its and information site, already has hundreds of links to related sites ( see http://www.exportcourse.com/trade-information-links-cont.html ), so a starting point would be asking these same websites to link back to us.
    My website is: http://www.exportcourse.com
    Please advise on your best quote. please note, i do not have a large budget.
    I can be contacted by gmail (trinidadbusiness@gmail.com), gmail chat, skype name – exportcoach , US tel # – 954-312-9885

  3. Hi Adrian! thanks for commenting on our article. Please do visit http://linkbuilding.virtualassistant.org/ and you will find a registration form. Our sales representatives will contact you as soon as we receive your details. Thank you for your inquiry

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