Human Resource Management: Mobilizing the People to Work Effectively

“The way to activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you activate vast human energies and resources, which otherwise go untapped.” –Robert Fritz

Human resource management is the organization of the employees working in the company to improve their work performance. It is a strategy and consistent approach to mobilize every employee to perform their task at the maximum level and achieve the set of goals and directives of the company. The main goal of this strategy is to ensure that every employee is sufficient with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their work effectively.

Human resource management includes human resource selection, planning, recruitment, training and performance appraisal. Human resource management also incorporates the application of policies and procedures that will affect the human resources in terms of their work. Having a human resource management strategy will help every business owners to set their goals and understand which will be prioritized first so that his employees will be guided in accomplishing their work at the right time with the best possible outcome.

These are the different strategies in conducting a human resource management.


Recruitment is the selection and screening of the most qualified employee for the job. In conducting the recruitment process, a recruiter must be aware of the protocols and the standards required for the said process. This will avoid erroneous candidate that will be listed in the selection and will ensure that the selected applicants are only those who are suitable enough for the position with enough knowledge and skills.


It is the process of making the employee aware of everything about the company. Once a new person is hired, the first thing that a human resource person should do is to orient him/her to the company’s setting, vision and mission, set of rules and regulations and many others that pertains to the company and the job.

Training and Development

In the field of human resource management, training and development of the employees is the focus with the aim of improving their performance in the work setting. Training and development also encompass the activity of educating the human resources in order to provide and incorporate to them some of the basic knowledge of their work.

Skills Management

Skills management is the practice of developing the skills of the human resources in order to make use of it in achieving their goals. One advantage of skills management is making each and every employee aware of their job description, what they are required to accomplish and any skills gap that they have. Skills management will also enable the business owners to see the strengths and weaknesses of their employees.

Performance Appraisal

It is a process where every employee is evaluated in their performance whether they satisfactorily meet the set standards of the company in terms of the quality of work, outcome, personal traits and behaviors. Performance appraisal will also evaluate the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their suitability for the promotion.

Human resource management is a good strategy to improve the workforce and the quality of work of the employees. By having this strategy, a certain company will be able to make their way in mobilizing their people to lead the success of their work. It may or may not be required in the company depending on the different factors like size, structure and organizational culture of the people who operates it. Whatever it may be, human resource management would be a great help in leading your people to work at their very best.


Adding Mobile Site to Google

With the rapid changes in technology, we can access different websites using our mobile phones. According to the recent study of Nielsen Online in United Kingdom, the number of people going online using their mobile phones has gone up to 25% 2008 compared to 3% increase in PC internet use.

In the long run Mobile SEO will be significant, where the evolution of mobile internet is heavily used and mobile searches will be monetized.

Currently, Google added sites to their mobile indexes database every time they crawl the web. Google provides guides for webmasters on how to develop a website that will deliver content in mobile phones. Furthermore, these guidelines will help Google find, index and rank your website. Below is a brief overview of the guidelines.

Have your mark ups validated and evaluate the DOCTYPE of the markup language that has been used. In the http type header, indicate the proper internet media type and the character encoding that has been used in the document.

When everything seems to be perfectly evaluated and if you are sure enough that Google can crawl your site have it submitted to Google’s mobile index using the Google Webmasters Tools and your done.

Good Web Design Principles

Web designing is somewhat complicated since it involves different areas of expertise and skills as well as basic principles. In creating a website, there are more things to be considered to make it usable and pleasing. Examples of things to be considered are the purpose of the website, target audience, Images required, text content, functionalities needed and search engine optimization.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important features in creating a good web design.

Simple web design. Simplicity means we need to focus on the goals and purpose of the site, direct users to things that they look for, avoid unimportant things on the screen, the lesser the unimportant stuffs the higher the percentage that users notice the important ones. Being simple means to take into consideration the things needed to be achieved by using mediums that are really necessary.

Fewer columns. Recently, two column layout is widely used and three column layout is considered maximum. In using fewer columns, there will be distinct communication of the information we want to deliver.

Have a distinguishable top section. In designing website, the main branding and navigation must be clear, bold and obvious. Top section of your page or the header is well differentiated among the rest of the content.

Simple navigation. Navigation needs to be clearly identifiable, and should be easy to interpret, target and select. Clarify navigation through positioning, color, tone and shape, making navigation items large and bold and using clear text to show its purpose.

Use strong colors. Strong colors are bright colors that complement your over all web page design. Use these colors to divide your page into clear sections and to highlight important elements.

Mensurate your website health and value

Development in web technologies is rapidly emerging from one after the other and though this development revolutionizes and simplifies the ways and means of how we use and design the web, these changes are somewhat an added burden to some companies. Sometimes, few companies find it hard to point out the important factors that compose a successful website.

With regards to the existing needs of these companies, Bartlett Communications launched a free online website evaluation tool called eValuator. Evaluator provides companies an evaluation tool on their website health and value by simply entering their website url. After the software evaluated the specified website, the tool will provide information on its functionality and wellness and it will also indicate ways of improving the web site’s performance.

How eValuator works?

1. A scoring system is used to rate the website based on 15 different indicators.(e.g. technical issues, Google PageRank, Alexa TrafficRank, marketing factors, and analytics)

2. These indicators are weighed individually according to its level of significance.

3. After assessing the website according to the criteria, a detailed description of such criteria is presented and the suggested ways to improve the website performance.

In using this tool, marketing heads of small to medium businesses can create a more vivid strategy and better understanding on how to increase traffic on their website and most importantly to increase business sales.

Check out for more information.