Fast Quality Articles; One Way of Link Building

Writing is one of the artistic ways to advertise your business online and do link building. Some link building companies also use writing as a way for their link building strategy. Writing needs some important components to reach the outcome or even surpass the expected masterpiece. One of those needs is focus. Focus primarily gives direction to the writer in the beginning until the end of his or her article. Once the writer is focused, spontaneity of ideas will come out easily.

Inspiration, writers need inspiration to draw out the creativity that they are hiding within their subconscious. We need that creativity from inspiration not only for fictional articles but also to factual and informational articles. Factual articles should be presented creatively to encourage readers to finish reading those articles.

We also need the desire of an author to write. Without this major component, writing an article will be as boring as an empty box, leading the writer to be unproductive and breaching the number one need in writing which is, focus. These three components will then interact or correlate with the following simple steps in Writing Articles fast.

1. Choose your specific topic

Choosing your topic as the first step focuses the author’s mind to that certain topic, synchronizing with the first need in writing. Once the author have chosen a topic, it will draw different questions that are very helpful in planning and especially link building.

2. Know your topic very well

If an author knows each and every corner of his/her topic, then he/she will not take so much time in researching every now and then. It is suggested that if the writer doesn’t know that much about a certain topic that he/she is about to compose, then he or she should read a couple of articles (it should come from reliable sites, books and printed materials can be good sources too) to know what the topic really mean and also to correct mistaken beliefs and clarify misconceptions. In that way, the outcome will be reliable and considered factual which is very important also in link building.

3. Remove Distractions

Minimizing or even eliminating different stimuli that distracts writers can really help their mind to work accordingly to their tasks. Distractions are not a consistent list of things applicable for everyone, for example, Writer #1 may consider the radio as a distraction but find television as an inspirational object, but Writer #2 may find it the other way, Writer #2 may be motivated in listening to the radio and easily distracted by a television. Each writer has different distractive and motivational list which should be considered always. For some link building companies that use articles for link building, they may provide their writers with things that can make them concentrate on their task.

4. Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal

Having a goal means having a direction to follow. Having Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound goals save time which is the main consideration in writing fast.

5. Create an Outline

An outline can be written or prepared in mind (imaginary). An outline of the topic will be considered the backbone of your article. Another main purpose of this step is simply to save again your precious time that can be allotted to more important tasks. (Though writing is also important, we also consider other tasks to be done, composing one article should not eat up 24 hours)

6. Edit article before posting.

This will be the Quality Assurance part. Authors can be the best QA’s for themselves because they know their topic well before writing. Proper grammar should be also taken into consideration since it will be a part of your article’s rating of reliability. Who would trust an article with wrong grammar? And in this part, you are given the chance to check your keyword density and add links to those keywords, link building companies have their own unique strategy. Well, with that, you’ve just done some link building.


Social Media Marketing and You

Social Media has been the latest trend nowadays. It has been a great tool in Search Engine Optimization and also in the field of business. Businesses are now entering the world of Internet for the purpose of advertising which is one of the major aspects of starting a business. Social Media Marketing (SMM) then began soon after it. As a response to that action, Social Media Marketing Plan (SMM Plan)was formulated. So what are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

1. Business Publicity.

Since social media is a hit today, it simply means that businesses that are in to Social Media Marketing will be easily contaminated by the fame that it has attained. On a second look, social media can be the route of your business for its promotions and discounts.

2. Serves as the voice of customers.

Social Medias let’s business owners to communicate with their customers through chats, commenting, posts, etc. It can be a way to know what are their expectations from the business that was offered to them, their wants and their special needs. This will serve as a mean for comments, suggestions and recommendations of your customers. Business owners will know the positive and negative feedbacks on their product or service, in that way, they can customize their products or services for improvement.

3. Get or gain more customers.

As customers get satisfied because their requests are heard and a solutions were acted upon to their request, the positive response will travel through the social media as real testimonials based in their experience, serving as a reliable fact to possible clients.

4. More Traffic.

More traffic means higher page ranking. It gives a very good reputation to the business. This will result to increasing customer referrals, creating a bigger community to interact with, giving opportunity for sales talk and achieving positive effects on the business’ sales.

5. Builds Relationship.

As relationships are built, it will later evolve to trust, gaining loyal customers. Having them will be a proof of quality product and service of a business.

Start gaining the benefits of having a Social Media Marketing Plan:

FIRST: TAKE HEED. Listen to what the target market wants.
Listening can be a way of assessing the problems of your customers. Business owners can be the cure if they act upon those problems in accordance with what the consumers prefer. They can join groups that are related to their product or service and influence people to speak up by posting creative photos and videos about their products or service.

Every business is unique, thus requiring unique plans, objectives and goals.
The strategy should follow the SMART form: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. You can start up by identifying your possible target market and sign up on famous social networking sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. This will be the foundation of the #5 benefit of having a SMM Plan.

The effects of SMM Plan and a good relationship with customers can’t be seen overnight. A specific time should be allotted to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. (as also mentioned above). An inactive account on social media is considered a mummy, preserved but dead. Sometimes, business owners hire a Virtual Assistant to manage their social media accounts.
As a conclusion, SMM Plan can help everyone, but in return, it needs effort and time investment to attain your desired outcome.

Copywriting for a Good SEO Virtual Assistant

Copywriting may be considered as an art, the art of capturing other’s attention by creatively combining words to promote your market. Others may not know that copywriting are also used by an SEO Virtual Assistant in giving their SEO services. It primarily attracts customers and audience to read or listen to an ad. It may also be the main reason that customers persuade to read or listen to that specific site. According to Wikipedia, copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.

Copywriting contributes a very big part to an SEO Virtual Assistant, How? Just by using keywords and dynamic words that make your site alive, you’re already practicing copywriting.

Copywriting can be in a form of:

1. Slogan – a phrase or sentence that is captivating and easy to remember for advertising purposes. Also known as brand “punchline” or “tag line”.

2. Jingle – it maybe composed of slogans, may come in a musical or poetic presentation.

3. Web Page Content – It defines everything about the product in a very creative way, from benefits to how exceptional the product or service is. It can be both informational and promotional. This is the main form of Copywriting that an SEO Virtual Assistant in rendering their SEO services.

4. TV/ radio Commercial – Basically a 30 to 60-second promotional video made by a business firm or an advertising company that is hired to do such commercials.

5. Social Networking Site Posts – A personal or company owned used to promote business and catch possible consumers. The person or company post updates and information about their product or service.

3 Simple Basic Rules in Copywriting

1. Have the Best Lively, Non-Boring Title. This will be the first evaluation of possible customers. If the copywriter got the right title for his article our ad, mostly customers will be encouraged to know what you and your business can do to them.

2. Some Grammar Rules can be broken. But it must be kept to a minimum that customers will be able to understand what the ad wanted to say. The article or ad should come out right the way it should be understood.

3. Healthy Mind and Body. Coordinated mind and body produces excellent ideas that we expect in copywriting. The more exceptional the created article or ad is, the more visits it can get and greater chance to have customer resulting to greater satisfaction for your business.


Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Jobs that Fit You

Internet Marketing is generally marketing done online or through the Internet, using different aspects of the internet world like, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and many more to mention.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) as we all know have taken it’s big break with the existence of facebook, twitter and youtube. Email Marketing on the other hand have Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc. to rely upon, but email list have been a consideration in choosing this aspect of internet marketing. Pay-per-click advertising is a hit for big companies that can afford such type of advertising.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing had been the recent strategy of most business owners for them to be tracked by customers and prospects or vice versa. As a response to this demand, Internet marketing and social media marketing jobs were born. These are the type of jobs that deal with different problems in internet marketing and SMM that businesses can’t handle alone.

Here are some types of Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Jobs:

1. Internet Marketing and SMM Consultant (IMC/SMMC)
Internet Marketing and SMM Consultant is the over-all consultant with regards to all the problems that a business might meet in their Internet Marketing and SMM Strategy.

2. Internet Marketing and SMM Manager (IMM/SMMM)
The Internet Marketing and SMM Manager decides all the matters in their Internet Marketing and SMM Plan. However, take note that in every decision made, the opinion of the business owner or any group assigned by the business owner or the Chief Executive Officer is also considered important. For example, He or She decides which social media to use and formulate the social media marketing plan that fits a business. Contents of the business’ website is also settled by the Internet Marketing Manager. The Email Marketing Strategy, especially the email list, will also be provided by the IMM. Some Internet Marketing Strategy include newsletters, these newsletters also pass through the IMM.

3. Internet Marketing Web Designer (IMWB)
This is a more specific type of Internet Marketing Job compared to the first two. Internet Marketing Web Designers are responsible for the Aesthetic Components (lay out, color palettes, photos, graphics, logos, fonts, font sizes, and spacing between lines of text), Quality Content, or anything that is related to Web Designing. One important function of (IMWB) is that he or she makes sure that the Business’ Web Site is user friendly and useful to prospects and customers.

There are other types or kinds of Internet Marketing Jobs that are more specific like Link Building, Article Writing and Affiliate Marketing. Link Builders primarily obtain links from other websites to improve page ranking, business owners can choose from paying links or reciprocal linking. Article Writing uses keywords to obtain web visits and traffic and Affiliate marketing works by promoting a business through their website, blog or articles.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Jobs have evolved through time, and was believed to continue in evolving to follow the internet trend.

SEO Optimization Services-The Way to an Effective Research on the Web

The development of the Internet and the Search Engines has imparted growing numbers of data and information in just a few quick clicks away. SEO optimization services help target traffic into the website, thus it may influence some of the results in the web. It becomes the most important resource for doing research and analysis. Web researchers may use the search engines to retrieve specific data using keyword queries. However, this method may not be effective. Keyword search may give you more irrelevant data than relevant ones. Thus, the web researches today are now becoming more and more complicated.

This article will provide you with the skills needed for an effective research on the web. It would be an overview of the guides that you will need to conduct effective research on the web.

First, you need to know what search engine is and how it works. Search engine is the most common tool used to locate information on the web. It allows searcher to enter keywords or key phrases. Examples of the search engines are Google and Yahoo.

It is important to know that not all search engines deliver the same results. The top search results are what search engine interprets as the most relevant to your search. However, it is important to use different search engine to give you better results.

Second, search wisely and create your search strategy. For instance, you are told to do a PowerPoint presentation about earthquakes. If you do a search on Google about earthquakes, it will yield you more than hundreds of thousands of search results and it would be difficult for you to decide which you will use. So by this, you should formulate your research questions.

Sample questions would be:

  • What is earthquake?
  • What are the types of earthquakes?
  • What are the effects of earthquakes?
  • Where do earthquakes occur?
  • How often earthquakes occur?

After formulating your questions, you have to list possible sources of information. For instance, you can browse the National Geographic website, the US Geological Survey, some earthquake engineering schools, and science websites. Then, you have to search for photos or videos of earthquakes to be added into your presentation.

Third, specify or refine your search. If you still do not get expected results from search engines, you can try changing your search query. Try different synonyms, modifiers, or phrases to make your search term more specific. Experiment with different search tools. Or you might try the Help and Search Tips of a certain search engine. Google have Advance Search tool wherein you can search for a very specific term results for a specified date.

Then, stay focus. Don’t be distracted by ads and banners that want to catch your attention. Giving in to these distractions may waste your time and may lose your concentration. If you have found unrelated sites that interest you, you can bookmark the sites so that you can return to it if you want to.

And lastly, evaluate the site. Search thoroughly so that you will find better and quality results. A top search result do not guarantee a quality resource. You have to evaluate first if it is really useful for your research. Pick out the best of the best and bookmark them for future references.

As you finish your research on the web, you have to cite the web resources in your research works. You are responsible for crediting online resources just like with periodicals and journals. You may add the URL of the source in your research work. Proper citation is a must in any research related works.

Hope this article could help you especially for the web newbies, on your way to an effective research on the web. Explore the web and discover the wonders of the Internet by the help of this web research guide article.

SEO optimization services may influence the search results in the search engine. If you are a business owner who wants to gain valuable links or wants your business achieve its full online presence, it is essential to engage in SEO optimization services. SEO optimization services take care of building quality links. Link building, keyword research, content writing, blog commenting, site optimization and among others are some examples of SEO optimization services. SEO optimization services are essential to boost your business online traffic which likely help gain customers. And lastly, SEO optimization services are done by SEO service experts who have in-depth knowledge of SEO to come up with the most effective SEO campaigns that guarantee a websites visibility in a desired period of time.

Search Engine Marketing Jobs-Are You Considering a Career Change?

Have you ever considered a career in search engine marketing? Are you planning to work in a reputable SEO company? With the increase in the number of vacancies in search engine marketing industries, it seems that many jobs are still unfilled. It’s maybe because there are not enough right people with the right experience to handle the job. As well as the job opportunities are within the SEO company, it is becoming more common to see traditional marketing and advertising agencies offer search engine related jobs. Employers are beginning to recruit their own search marketing specialist and this trend is expected to keep on growing.

It seems that the Internet has been around and everywhere and that using a search engine to search for a term is now a normal day to day activity. However, looking for search engine marketing jobs and SEO company in the Internet can be either be easy or hard. The best thing one must do to find this kind of job is by knowing your premises or at least to get in the door. Search marketing is an industry full of buzz words. Familiarize yourself with the industry buzz so that they become natural to you. Learning and keeping yourself updated with this industry buzz words is the key in finding for search engine marketing jobs.

Sometimes in searching for search engine marketing jobs, one should bear in mind that SEO company (small or big) prefer employees who have wide experience when it comes to search engine marketing. Having a wide knowledge and understanding in search marketing is an asset recruiters cannot deny. However, if you have limited search marketing experience, don’t lose hope. There are SEO company willing to provide the opportunities such as seminars and trainings for you if you show them determination and desirable attitude.

Things change swiftly in the search engine marketing industry. One should adapt in every change that will occur in order to be updated with the strategy and tactics used. However, there is an exciting career within the industry and if you want to enter into the marketing industry you should:

  • Gain internet marketing skills
  • Get a search engine marketing training
  • Apply for job
  • Prepare a portfolio for the interview
  • And display your skills

Express your interest in entering a SEO company. Emphasize your skills and put on details about your search marketing experience. Be creative and you should put yourself apart from the other. And once you have acquired search engine marketing jobs, show the SEO company your skills and don’t forget to remind them that they’ve got the best candidate for the job.

The search engine marketing industry is very competitive and it’s becoming more competitive every day. Besides being the fastest, best, and easiest way to market your website in the internet, search engine marketing becomes a partner of every business owners. Explore search engine marketing jobs, find a reputable SEO company and enter the world of search engine marketing, if you are considering a career change that can change your life.


SEO Virtual Assistant and the Various Faces of Search Engine Optimization Jobs

There could be a large number of people who always wanted to develop an online business or other e-commerce websites. The reason behind this is probably they heard that there are lots of money that can be made from it. However, business owners are looking for a way to make their websites popular and reach its global audiences. To achieve these objectives, business owners must find good and reputable search engine optimization services that can help their business grow.

Search engine optimization is important to a business and the way it operates. It is a key for a website to increase traffic as well as to gain customers. There are lots of search engine optimization companies that provide different search engine optimization jobs and usually business owners prefer the experienced one.

Search engine optimization jobs involve a variety of skills and functions. It usually begins with an initial keyword search in the search engine, may it be Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Do people search that particular keyword frequently and how often? Then this keyword will be analyzed to determine how many competitors it has, how frequent it is search, and if the keyword matched to the proposed content of the website.

An SEO virtual assistant can help handle different search engine optimization jobs. They can perform keyword selection and research, do competitive analysis; monitor search position tracking, link building, as well as they can add substance to the content of the website. The essence of being SEO virtual assistant is that they provide extensive keyword analysis, examined how relevant that keyword for a website, and they have the passion to help clients achieve their main objectives. Whatever search engine optimization jobs it may be, it can be effectively managed by SEO virtual assistant.

Search engine optimization jobs require the passion and skills to perform its different forms. If you have background in programming, an analytical thinker, and have previously worked in server management, then you probably want technically-inclined SEO jobs. If you are fond of building inbound links, writing articles, or creating web-based press release, you can find yourself working with journalist and other link builders to create buzz about the products and services you offer. And if you are more skilled in marketing, you might find yourself having a role of setting an online marketing agenda and defining online strategies. Your knowledge of what people is looking for online and how to turn the interest of the visitors online can be a great tool to achieve the objectives of marketing campaign.

Search engine optimization jobs are challenging ones. If you are aiming for number then you have to work for it but you can delegate the job to SEO virtual assistant. Once you were able to achieve the result you wanted, you have to maintain and stabilize everything. There are updates and new strategies that evolved most of the time and SEO virtual assistant should adapt in every challenges that occur. It is always a challenge to stay flexible and open minded in every aspects of SEO.