Advertising Slogan for SEO Virtual Assistant Beginners

Writing an advertising slogan is a form of copywriting that’s very helpful for an SEO Virtual Assistant wherein a phrase is used for advertising. Most of the time, common words are used by an SEO Virtual Assistant for the slogan to be remembered easily. It has been used for quite a long time and serves as an object of conversation and discussion to the public — increasing the service or product’s publicity. SEO companies may use slogans to express their message to consumers in a very creative way.

Advertising is the beginning stage for a business. In fact, the launching of a business is already its first advertisement. It may be in the form of a TV commercial, radio ad, a part of a web design, a segment on a show or simply a Facebook page wall post. The common thing with all the different advertising media is that it needs a script, verbal or written. No matter the type of medium used, it needs advertising slogans.

A quality slogan may gain the publicity that a business firm wants. Reputation is hard to maintain for any company, and a good slogan will make sure that that reputation stands.

Others may seek the help of an SEO Virtual Assistant or some SEO companies, but actually everyone can make an advertising slogan for their business or site and here are some helpful tips in formulating one:

1. Make the advertising slogan sticky and memorable.

This is the very first basis of making a good slogan, but what makes a slogan memorable?

a. Proper rhyming. The repetition of sounds makes words easy to remember just like what poem writers use. Aside from it’s attractive sound, it gives your brain an automatic response what comes next.

b. Double meaning. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. It’s promoting two thoughts in a phrase. Like Crest Toothpaste’s “Cinnsational Swirl”, “Cinnsational” is the combination of two words, cinnamon+sensational. It’s like they’re saying, you’ll have a sensational feeling with the new cinnamon flavor of their toothpaste.

c. Repetition. Repeated words or groups of words increase recall accuracy according to the Oxford Journal. A remembered slogan of a business attracts people to know or discover the concrete product or service offered by a business, giving a higher chance of gaining customers.

2. Include the business or brand name in the advertising slogan.

Slogans are created mainly for the customers to know a specific brand or service. How can customers know the specific brand or service if the business or brand name isn’t mentioned in the slogan?

3. Show the business’s asset.

Stating the benefits you can get from the business will be the number one attraction for customers. That includes the feature, but be sure to stress out the benefits more.

Advertising slogans is very helpful in an SEO Virtual Assistant, it may be presented and used in different ways, but make sure that your slogan stays true to your business’s interests. Don’t over hype the slogan and promise things that your business can’t fulfill. Try to deceive people with your slogan and it will most likely backfire against you in the end.

Just keep it simple. (Hey, this last sentence would actually make a really good slogan.)