Catchy Article Headlines

Catchy. Interesting. Luring. Hooking. Baiting. Leading. Attractive. Amazing. These are some of the characteristics of an effective title. The words you have chosen must amaze and attract the readers at first glimpse.

The title is your attention-catching beauty mechanism. The main purpose of it is to attract and catch the attention of the public readers, drawing them to read and be interested on your article. If you want to lead them to read your article, you must know how to grab the attention of the public and lead them to take actions. You can have the best story in the world to tell, but how could you lead the people to read it when you have the most boring title ever? It would be perceived worthless at first sight.

Writing a title is an essential part of every article. Having the right choice of title will generate the numbers of readers reading your article. Yes, anyone could actually write a title for an instant. Writing a title is a headache and so much more in writing a killer title. The great challenge here is how to write a title that could “wow” every reader. Now, this makes everything difficult.

There are two goals in writing a title:

First. Grab the attention of the public readers.
Second. Lead them to take actions in reading your article.

If you want to make a good profit out of your article, then start with the most basic and the most important of all: The title.

Have a trick.

The main trick in writing a killer title is to instantly blind your readers with awesome words which appeals to be in a different and unique way. This could eventually grab the attention of the public and they’ll be interested enough to read your article and discover what you really mean in your title. This way, you could be able to lead every reader to at least read the first part of your article. You may also include in your title some points which will give a hint to the readers of what the article is all about.

Don’t be boring.

In writing a title, remember that the main purpose is to keep the readers read the entire article. Stress out some points which the readers could be easily attracted with and will motivate them to read more. Always be clear on your words. A boring title is like, “My Pet”, but a good title could be, “The Man’s Bestfriend”.

Keep it short.

The simpler the title, the better. Sometimes the most basic and simple could awaken and catch the interest of most readers. Titles which are very long are found out to be not effective. Always keep your titles short but not to the extent that you’ll only come up with just a single word because it may be boring. Short titles could be easier to understand and could easily catch the attention of the readers compared to those longer ones. You may also leave your readers some mystery in the title. You cannot instantly spill everything when writing a title. Make your readers feel intrigued and speculate for the real meaning of your title.