Are You Qualified to be an SEO Virtual Assistant?

Becoming a great, competent search engine optimization or SEO virtual assistant (VA) is not easy. You must always be able to adjust to your client’s needs. You cannot give your clients unsatisfactory assistance. When this happens, not only will your reputation as a VA become tarnished, but could also hurt your client’s business. Regardless of the job, every SEO VA SHOULD:

Be Able to Use a Computer and the Internet

This is a no-brainer. Since communication with your client takes place through the Internet, knowledge of using computers is a definite requirement.

Be Able to Type and Use a Word Processor

SEO Virtual assistants, no matter what the specialty, should be able to type. Since nearly all businesses who hire VA require documentation for every task completed, typing skills are required to be successful. They should be able to type fast – at least 80 WPM (words per minute).

Be Able to Communicate Well

A good SEO virtual assistant has to be able to communicate well. Remember that communication is two-way – not only must an SEO VA knows how to communicate her thoughts, but also listens and understands what her client says.

Be Able to Write Well

Typing and writing are two different things. Writing requires a creative mind to compose good articles and letters. Every SEO VA should learn how to write efficiently, with correct grammar usage, to be able to communicate clearly and effectively.

Be Organized

Clients do not want sloppy, disorganized outputs. An SEO VA should be able to organize herself not only for the client’s sake but also for herself. VA’s usually have multiple tasks assigned to them and they should be able to schedule these tasks correctly so that they would not get confused.

Possess a Great Personality

SEO VA should be able to love what they are doing. If you are a motivated, disciplined individual then becoming an SEO VA would help you develop those qualities even more. Regardless of your job, oftentimes the ones with the best personalities are the ones who become successful in the end.

Working as an SEO virtual assistant is not an easy job; that is why you should make sure you possess these qualifications to succeed in the said occupation.