Magazine Article Writing Tips

Magazine is one of the most common sources of information among the public. It includes different interesting topics that a reader might be hooked into. It may come in a variety of designs, categories, and styles depending on what you prefer since all of these are available at the market or even at sidewalk nearby.

What’s the purpose of magazine article writing?

The purpose of every article varies depending on the topics it meant for. In general, an article is used to inform, entertain and persuade readers. Writing an article is not always easy and it includes many aspects in order to make it attractive to the public. One of the main goals of every article is to attract and appeal to the audiences in order to catch their attention and persuade them to read.


The headline performs the most important task – to attract the public and lead them to read. It aims to grab every reader’s attention. The title serves as the first-line attraction in every article. In order to persuade them to read your entire article, what you must do is to think and be creative enough in developing a good title for your article. It depends on the title of the article if the reader will proceed reading the article until the end or will just simply ignore it.


In the introduction, you only need to simplify your topic which will be discussed in full detail of your article’s main body. The first paragraph must outline the subject and subtopics included in the body. In this part, you could make an awesome or unique statement that could provoke the interest of the reader. You must also provide the very essential information regarding the background of the article. You must learn to establish a tone in your article, whether dramatic, lively, serious, etc. in order to appeal to the readers’ emotions.


The body of an article may contain many subtopics and it is advisable to craft each one and make some sort of subtitles. This will be easier to understand and will enable the readers to have an idea of what the entire article contains. In the body, you could include facts and statistics which could support your information so that it will be more reliable. As the writer, you could also include your own point of view about the topic. You can elaborate what you know and feel as well.


Conclusion is the last part of the article. In this part, you can write the summary of what you have discussed in the main body of your article. You can also provide the readers of your own opinion, suggestion and comments pertaining to your article. Acknowledging your source of reference is also very important. It is essential to give credits to the ones who write the article which you used as reference and source of your article.