Adding Mobile Site to Google

With the rapid changes in technology, we can access different websites using our mobile phones. According to the recent study of Nielsen Online in United Kingdom, the number of people going online using their mobile phones has gone up to 25% 2008 compared to 3% increase in PC internet use.

In the long run Mobile SEO will be significant, where the evolution of mobile internet is heavily used and mobile searches will be monetized.

Currently, Google added sites to their mobile indexes database every time they crawl the web. Google provides guides for webmasters on how to develop a website that will deliver content in mobile phones. Furthermore, these guidelines will help Google find, index and rank your website. Below is a brief overview of the guidelines.

Have your mark ups validated and evaluate the DOCTYPE of the markup language that has been used. In the http type header, indicate the proper internet media type and the character encoding that has been used in the document.

When everything seems to be perfectly evaluated and if you are sure enough that Google can crawl your site have it submitted to Google’s mobile index using the Google Webmasters Tools and your done.