Article Writing: An Effective Way to Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

Article writing is a very interesting task. All you need is some creativity and imagination that could inspire you and motivate your hands to write. You must not only look into your very own world but you must learn to go out from your own shelf in order to discover and explore the different ideas and topics present around you.

When writing, you need to have a relaxed mind. With a relaxed mind, you can be aware of the things that are happening at present. Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to have a head full of knowledge. All you need are two very important factors –motivation and inspiration.

In writing an article, try to consider the following:

Choose a topic
Start out with a great idea. Look around you and discover what people are mostly talking about. Sometimes it is difficult to find a topic of your interest. You’ll find it boring and tedious. Consider what’s happening around, the newest trend or anything that could easily catch the attention of every reader. Try opening up your mind and everything will flow smoothly.

Keyword search
Keywords play a very significant role in generating traffic to your site. This means that you have to select a keyword that is search-engine friendly. These keywords are searchable over search engines which most of the users are searching. Therefore putting keywords in your content before publishing it is crucial for visibility.

Create a good title
Headlines are the first words which the readers could see at first sight. It must easily catch the attention of every reader and convey what’s inside of the article. The most important goal of having a good title is to lead each and every reader to take some time to read. That’s the main purpose of an article, turning viewers to become readers.

Input good content
Introduce the topic you will be discussing in your article. Make it simple enough so that the readers could easily comprehend its meaning. It is good tom make an outline of the topics and subtopics included in your article. Break each point into different paragraphs so it will be easier for readers to read. Give information which is scientifically-based and reliable. It will only make your readers doubt if you provide them with false information.

Emphasize the benefits of your product
If you are a business owner who wishes to promote your business over the Internet, it would be very important to include the benefits that your customers could get from purchasing your product. Include all the information regarding your product, how it is used and how it will benefit each customer.

In article writing, the most important thing to consider is the message you want to convey to the readers. It is not how good or grammatically correct your article is, but it is how your article communicates to the readers. It’s not how it acts but how it interacts.

Human Resource Management: Mobilizing the People to Work Effectively

“The way to activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you activate vast human energies and resources, which otherwise go untapped.” –Robert Fritz

Human resource management is the organization of the employees working in the company to improve their work performance. It is a strategy and consistent approach to mobilize every employee to perform their task at the maximum level and achieve the set of goals and directives of the company. The main goal of this strategy is to ensure that every employee is sufficient with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their work effectively.

Human resource management includes human resource selection, planning, recruitment, training and performance appraisal. Human resource management also incorporates the application of policies and procedures that will affect the human resources in terms of their work. Having a human resource management strategy will help every business owners to set their goals and understand which will be prioritized first so that his employees will be guided in accomplishing their work at the right time with the best possible outcome.

These are the different strategies in conducting a human resource management.


Recruitment is the selection and screening of the most qualified employee for the job. In conducting the recruitment process, a recruiter must be aware of the protocols and the standards required for the said process. This will avoid erroneous candidate that will be listed in the selection and will ensure that the selected applicants are only those who are suitable enough for the position with enough knowledge and skills.


It is the process of making the employee aware of everything about the company. Once a new person is hired, the first thing that a human resource person should do is to orient him/her to the company’s setting, vision and mission, set of rules and regulations and many others that pertains to the company and the job.

Training and Development

In the field of human resource management, training and development of the employees is the focus with the aim of improving their performance in the work setting. Training and development also encompass the activity of educating the human resources in order to provide and incorporate to them some of the basic knowledge of their work.

Skills Management

Skills management is the practice of developing the skills of the human resources in order to make use of it in achieving their goals. One advantage of skills management is making each and every employee aware of their job description, what they are required to accomplish and any skills gap that they have. Skills management will also enable the business owners to see the strengths and weaknesses of their employees.

Performance Appraisal

It is a process where every employee is evaluated in their performance whether they satisfactorily meet the set standards of the company in terms of the quality of work, outcome, personal traits and behaviors. Performance appraisal will also evaluate the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their suitability for the promotion.

Human resource management is a good strategy to improve the workforce and the quality of work of the employees. By having this strategy, a certain company will be able to make their way in mobilizing their people to lead the success of their work. It may or may not be required in the company depending on the different factors like size, structure and organizational culture of the people who operates it. Whatever it may be, human resource management would be a great help in leading your people to work at their very best.

Magazine Article Writing Tips

Magazine is one of the most common sources of information among the public. It includes different interesting topics that a reader might be hooked into. It may come in a variety of designs, categories, and styles depending on what you prefer since all of these are available at the market or even at sidewalk nearby.

What’s the purpose of magazine article writing?

The purpose of every article varies depending on the topics it meant for. In general, an article is used to inform, entertain and persuade readers. Writing an article is not always easy and it includes many aspects in order to make it attractive to the public. One of the main goals of every article is to attract and appeal to the audiences in order to catch their attention and persuade them to read.


The headline performs the most important task – to attract the public and lead them to read. It aims to grab every reader’s attention. The title serves as the first-line attraction in every article. In order to persuade them to read your entire article, what you must do is to think and be creative enough in developing a good title for your article. It depends on the title of the article if the reader will proceed reading the article until the end or will just simply ignore it.


In the introduction, you only need to simplify your topic which will be discussed in full detail of your article’s main body. The first paragraph must outline the subject and subtopics included in the body. In this part, you could make an awesome or unique statement that could provoke the interest of the reader. You must also provide the very essential information regarding the background of the article. You must learn to establish a tone in your article, whether dramatic, lively, serious, etc. in order to appeal to the readers’ emotions.


The body of an article may contain many subtopics and it is advisable to craft each one and make some sort of subtitles. This will be easier to understand and will enable the readers to have an idea of what the entire article contains. In the body, you could include facts and statistics which could support your information so that it will be more reliable. As the writer, you could also include your own point of view about the topic. You can elaborate what you know and feel as well.


Conclusion is the last part of the article. In this part, you can write the summary of what you have discussed in the main body of your article. You can also provide the readers of your own opinion, suggestion and comments pertaining to your article. Acknowledging your source of reference is also very important. It is essential to give credits to the ones who write the article which you used as reference and source of your article.

Advertising: Attracting the Hearts and Minds of Every Person

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” ~Steuart Henderson Britt

Advertising is a strategy which was developed to communicate products and services to potential customers who may avail or purchase the products and services offered by a certain company. Today, most advertising strategies are focused on achieving their goals which is to promote their products directly to the customers and attract them to purchase the products. In general, advertising is used to inform the people and persuade them to buy it.

Advertising has been one of the most important strategies used by entrepreneurs. All the varieties of media could not exist without an advertisement on it. Televisions, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and also Internet are some of the media that were used as the ground for advertising. When you turn on your television, you’ll see how advertising dominates the whole show. It is also a fact that advertising has greatly influenced the minds of every person watching it, especially the younger ones. When people see an advertisement that instantly caught their attention, you can expect that they will be talking about it over and over again.

The common strategies used in advertising are the following:

Building awareness

This strategy is found to be the most effective. People are always drawn to discover something new and fresh. If they are offered with a unique and very interesting ad, they will definitely hook into it. Words, images, videos and colors with vibrant colors could really give great impact to the viewers. People will spend less time taking a look on your ad if it’s boring. But if you create a well-crafted, eye-catching and attractive ad, then let the numbers do the talking.

Emotional appeal

Some advertisers never invest much on the creativity of the advertisement. Instead, they focus more on the message that will be conveyed to the people. They attract the attention of the people by pulling their emotions towards their ads. This strategy works best in companies who endorse insurance, loans, and banks.

Linking to Celebrities

Having celebrities to endorse your product will attract more people. Whether you chose the most beautiful or the ugliest one, they will surely hit the market because celebrities have a big name in the society and they are known by the majority of the crowd and they could persuade the public easily. So if you entrust your product to a reliable celebrity, people will most likely believe them.


Some companies have chosen some children to become the subject of their advertisement. Children could catch the attention of every person in the household especially their fellow age group. Children are fond of imitating someone they have recently seen on the television and they could easily act it out. They are a good model to the public because of the innocence they are portraying.

Catchy Article Headlines

Catchy. Interesting. Luring. Hooking. Baiting. Leading. Attractive. Amazing. These are some of the characteristics of an effective title. The words you have chosen must amaze and attract the readers at first glimpse.

The title is your attention-catching beauty mechanism. The main purpose of it is to attract and catch the attention of the public readers, drawing them to read and be interested on your article. If you want to lead them to read your article, you must know how to grab the attention of the public and lead them to take actions. You can have the best story in the world to tell, but how could you lead the people to read it when you have the most boring title ever? It would be perceived worthless at first sight.

Writing a title is an essential part of every article. Having the right choice of title will generate the numbers of readers reading your article. Yes, anyone could actually write a title for an instant. Writing a title is a headache and so much more in writing a killer title. The great challenge here is how to write a title that could “wow” every reader. Now, this makes everything difficult.

There are two goals in writing a title:

First. Grab the attention of the public readers.
Second. Lead them to take actions in reading your article.

If you want to make a good profit out of your article, then start with the most basic and the most important of all: The title.

Have a trick.

The main trick in writing a killer title is to instantly blind your readers with awesome words which appeals to be in a different and unique way. This could eventually grab the attention of the public and they’ll be interested enough to read your article and discover what you really mean in your title. This way, you could be able to lead every reader to at least read the first part of your article. You may also include in your title some points which will give a hint to the readers of what the article is all about.

Don’t be boring.

In writing a title, remember that the main purpose is to keep the readers read the entire article. Stress out some points which the readers could be easily attracted with and will motivate them to read more. Always be clear on your words. A boring title is like, “My Pet”, but a good title could be, “The Man’s Bestfriend”.

Keep it short.

The simpler the title, the better. Sometimes the most basic and simple could awaken and catch the interest of most readers. Titles which are very long are found out to be not effective. Always keep your titles short but not to the extent that you’ll only come up with just a single word because it may be boring. Short titles could be easier to understand and could easily catch the attention of the readers compared to those longer ones. You may also leave your readers some mystery in the title. You cannot instantly spill everything when writing a title. Make your readers feel intrigued and speculate for the real meaning of your title.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Jobs that Fit You

Internet Marketing is generally marketing done online or through the Internet, using different aspects of the internet world like, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and many more to mention.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) as we all know have taken it’s big break with the existence of facebook, twitter and youtube. Email Marketing on the other hand have Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc. to rely upon, but email list have been a consideration in choosing this aspect of internet marketing. Pay-per-click advertising is a hit for big companies that can afford such type of advertising.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing had been the recent strategy of most business owners for them to be tracked by customers and prospects or vice versa. As a response to this demand, Internet marketing and social media marketing jobs were born. These are the type of jobs that deal with different problems in internet marketing and SMM that businesses can’t handle alone.

Here are some types of Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Jobs:

1. Internet Marketing and SMM Consultant (IMC/SMMC)
Internet Marketing and SMM Consultant is the over-all consultant with regards to all the problems that a business might meet in their Internet Marketing and SMM Strategy.

2. Internet Marketing and SMM Manager (IMM/SMMM)
The Internet Marketing and SMM Manager decides all the matters in their Internet Marketing and SMM Plan. However, take note that in every decision made, the opinion of the business owner or any group assigned by the business owner or the Chief Executive Officer is also considered important. For example, He or She decides which social media to use and formulate the social media marketing plan that fits a business. Contents of the business’ website is also settled by the Internet Marketing Manager. The Email Marketing Strategy, especially the email list, will also be provided by the IMM. Some Internet Marketing Strategy include newsletters, these newsletters also pass through the IMM.

3. Internet Marketing Web Designer (IMWB)
This is a more specific type of Internet Marketing Job compared to the first two. Internet Marketing Web Designers are responsible for the Aesthetic Components (lay out, color palettes, photos, graphics, logos, fonts, font sizes, and spacing between lines of text), Quality Content, or anything that is related to Web Designing. One important function of (IMWB) is that he or she makes sure that the Business’ Web Site is user friendly and useful to prospects and customers.

There are other types or kinds of Internet Marketing Jobs that are more specific like Link Building, Article Writing and Affiliate Marketing. Link Builders primarily obtain links from other websites to improve page ranking, business owners can choose from paying links or reciprocal linking. Article Writing uses keywords to obtain web visits and traffic and Affiliate marketing works by promoting a business through their website, blog or articles.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Jobs have evolved through time, and was believed to continue in evolving to follow the internet trend.

SEO Optimization Services-The Way to an Effective Research on the Web

The development of the Internet and the Search Engines has imparted growing numbers of data and information in just a few quick clicks away. SEO optimization services help target traffic into the website, thus it may influence some of the results in the web. It becomes the most important resource for doing research and analysis. Web researchers may use the search engines to retrieve specific data using keyword queries. However, this method may not be effective. Keyword search may give you more irrelevant data than relevant ones. Thus, the web researches today are now becoming more and more complicated.

This article will provide you with the skills needed for an effective research on the web. It would be an overview of the guides that you will need to conduct effective research on the web.

First, you need to know what search engine is and how it works. Search engine is the most common tool used to locate information on the web. It allows searcher to enter keywords or key phrases. Examples of the search engines are Google and Yahoo.

It is important to know that not all search engines deliver the same results. The top search results are what search engine interprets as the most relevant to your search. However, it is important to use different search engine to give you better results.

Second, search wisely and create your search strategy. For instance, you are told to do a PowerPoint presentation about earthquakes. If you do a search on Google about earthquakes, it will yield you more than hundreds of thousands of search results and it would be difficult for you to decide which you will use. So by this, you should formulate your research questions.

Sample questions would be:

  • What is earthquake?
  • What are the types of earthquakes?
  • What are the effects of earthquakes?
  • Where do earthquakes occur?
  • How often earthquakes occur?

After formulating your questions, you have to list possible sources of information. For instance, you can browse the National Geographic website, the US Geological Survey, some earthquake engineering schools, and science websites. Then, you have to search for photos or videos of earthquakes to be added into your presentation.

Third, specify or refine your search. If you still do not get expected results from search engines, you can try changing your search query. Try different synonyms, modifiers, or phrases to make your search term more specific. Experiment with different search tools. Or you might try the Help and Search Tips of a certain search engine. Google have Advance Search tool wherein you can search for a very specific term results for a specified date.

Then, stay focus. Don’t be distracted by ads and banners that want to catch your attention. Giving in to these distractions may waste your time and may lose your concentration. If you have found unrelated sites that interest you, you can bookmark the sites so that you can return to it if you want to.

And lastly, evaluate the site. Search thoroughly so that you will find better and quality results. A top search result do not guarantee a quality resource. You have to evaluate first if it is really useful for your research. Pick out the best of the best and bookmark them for future references.

As you finish your research on the web, you have to cite the web resources in your research works. You are responsible for crediting online resources just like with periodicals and journals. You may add the URL of the source in your research work. Proper citation is a must in any research related works.

Hope this article could help you especially for the web newbies, on your way to an effective research on the web. Explore the web and discover the wonders of the Internet by the help of this web research guide article.

SEO optimization services may influence the search results in the search engine. If you are a business owner who wants to gain valuable links or wants your business achieve its full online presence, it is essential to engage in SEO optimization services. SEO optimization services take care of building quality links. Link building, keyword research, content writing, blog commenting, site optimization and among others are some examples of SEO optimization services. SEO optimization services are essential to boost your business online traffic which likely help gain customers. And lastly, SEO optimization services are done by SEO service experts who have in-depth knowledge of SEO to come up with the most effective SEO campaigns that guarantee a websites visibility in a desired period of time.