Virtual Assistant Inc.

Virtual Assistant, Inc is a business process services company located in Charleston, SC USA and with delivery centers located in the United States and the Philippines.

Founded last 2008 by Craig Donnelly, an internet marketing pioneer and entrepreneur, hand in hand with his team, Virtual Assistant Inc. is starting to create a name though out the Virtual Assistant community and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.
Virtual Assistant Inc. offers wide internet and general services and assures a competent and  highly-trained virtual assistant for a lower cost rate. Virtual Assistant Inc. services includes the following

  • General Business & Personal Tasks
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Maintenance / Webmaster Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Website Development
  • Private Label Services

We, at Virtual Assistant Inc., assures our client that we are committed to provide excellent performance and to the fulfillment of our clients goals. Our team of virtual assistants are well equipped for the services that Virtual Assistant Inc. offers and to improve the VAs productivity and knowledge they still go through continuous training. Thus, we ensure our clients that we provide them with exemplary results by constant knowledge and skills update by using latest technologies. Visit Virtual Assistant Inc. website to know more about us.


3 Responses

  1. It looks like you guys are highly professional and effective VAs. Good wishes for what you are currently doing!

  2. Hi,
    I’m searching for assistance with my blog, which I’ve started setting up, but keep running out of time to work on it. I’ve set-up the front page as a static page & have content for other pages. I hold a Real Estate license in 2 states and need my Broker’s logos as well as my photo and a link for email to me. I have one link for MLS search capability for (Florida), but can’t find one for Ohio. There are other plug-ins that I would like placed onto the site as well. Could you let me know what your hourly rate for this type of assistance would be. Thank you for your reply.

  3. Hi Sherri,

    Thank you so much for contacting us. Please click the link below to know more about our services and you can talk to Mr. Greg Lee, our Account Representative.

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