Online Tools to Check Website Speed and Browser Compatibility

Website Speed

Speed on  website optimization is essential. Thus, adherence to it may result to more traffic and ad revenues to your website.

Website Speed provides a speed test tool to test your web site’s speed optimization. Enter your website URL for page size, composition and download time calculation then it will provide a more detailed calculation of each individual and grouped web page elements. From these characteristics, tips to improve web page download time and best recommendations on website optimization will be provided.

Browser Compatibility

Sometimes software limitations hinder webmasters to develop a well-optimized website. With different platform come different softwares with limited to excellent functionalities. As webmasters, it is important to consider the site appearance across different browsers since these browsers have their own bugs and flaws.

Webmasters may have one or more of these browsers installed in their computers but possibly not all. Here’s an online tool that checks browser compatibility across any platform. provides screen shots of your website design in all browsers just by submitting your URL. A number of distributed computers will open your web site using different browsers and create screen shots of your website.

This tool will enable webmasters to view their website appearance in different browsers without installing and considering each browser’s specifications.


Speed on Website Optimization

Speed equals Time

Speed is another important element in web optimization. Speed here means the amount of time spent for your web pages to download its content. Previously, I discussed with you some important tips on how to optimize your web pages for web crawlers and to add up I’ll be talking about speed on web optimization.

It has been proven that an increase in page load will annoy your visitors and probably decrease traffic and ad revenues to your website. Visitors mostly spend less than 30 seconds before they decide to stay or leave a particular site. Most likely if it will take them another few seconds for the page to fully download, visitors will proceed to a next possible site in the SERP or Search Engines Result Page.

Be sure that your web pages are loading quickly into your user’s computer screen despite their internet connections. Here are ways on how to speed up your web pages.

  • Keep your scripts simple. Avoid unnecessary use of scripting languages and flash. Incorporation of such makes it harder for web crawlers to crawl your site.
  • Avoid adding irrelevant web graphics on your web pages. Make an impressive expression to your visitors through your content not with the use of unimportant graphics or fancy animations.
  • If an image must be added to convey an important idea or point, consider the image size and file type to use.

Thus, with more demanding audience and harder competition, speed optimization must be highly considered. To know more tips on website optimization, grab Andy Kings’ book entitled Website Optimization.